Sam Hamelin

Featured Student-Samuel Hamelin

My home town is located in Alberta Canada. It is a small town called Stettler. The population size is approximately 7000.

This is my second semester of my freshman year.

My favorite part of the entire Kinesiology Department so far is the connection everyone in the program has. This means that the professors are very easy to get along with, as well as the students enrolled in the Kins program. I find it very easy to communicate with both the professors and students.

Growing up, I suffered several injuries which meant a lot of time spent in Rehab. Being exposed to physiotherapy has truly lead me to my passion for studying human movement.

I really enjoyed KINS 141 (Intro to Movement). This class was not easy as it took a lot of study hours and late nights but the information was very intriguing to me.

My future plan is to get my degree in Kinesiology and then from there go on to graduate school and earn my masters degree in Physiotherapy.

Considering I am still a freshman, I am still learning all the ins and outs of being a freshman. If I was to give a freshman student advice, it would have to be communicate with your professors on a regular basis as they are always willing to help with educational as well as personal needs. Also, be in contact with your advisor as they will guide you through your journey as a university student.