Tanner H Featured Student
Tanner was nominated by the Kinesiology department as this weeks featured student for standing out in his classes. Congratulations Tanner!
What is your favorite part of the LSSU Kinesiology Department?
The professors. They’re all very personable and affable towards myself and the other students, as well as making learning enjoyable regardless of difficulty.
What drew you to a degree in Kinesiology?
Well, I knew I wanted to become a Physical Therapist, so I looked here and instantaneously fell in love with the campus. Once that was accomplished, meeting the professors made it an easy sell.
What is currently your favorite class for the Fall 2018 semester? 
I would have to say that it is my Psychology of Exercise and Rehabilitation (Kins 428). Learning about the ways athletes and general people react to injuries and exercise is really intriguing.
Once you graduate what is the next step for you – will you attend a Graduate School or start applying for jobs?
I will be attending graduate school either at Michigan Tech or Central Michigan as of right now.
Once you graduate what is your choice career?
My choice career would be to become a Physical Therapist.
If you could give any student one piece of advice for their Freshman year what would it be?
Enjoy your free time while you’re young! It’s one thing I wish I did more of, but go out and have fun with friends while time is still on your side.