Department of Chemistry & Environmental Science

student with chemiluminiscence condensor

The chemistry and environmental science department at Lake Superior State University provides an excellent interdisciplinary preparation for careers or graduate studies in a wide variety of related fields. Our faculty are ready to work with you to achieve your academic and professional goals.  The state-of-the-art chemical instrumentation, including a brand new NMR (structure determination) is here for you to use, giving chemistry students the hands-on experiences needed to help you be a valuable and valued member of our profession after graduation. Students studying chemistry, biochemistry and forensic chemistry leave LSSU prepared for the next step.

Environmental science students will find that our geographic location is ideal, and our faculty have real world experience in research, consulting, regulatory agencies, and resource management. Our Environmental Analysis Lab (EAL) provides hands on experience and paid internships to students interested in water quality, pollution control, and environmental chemistry. Chemistry instrumentation enables us to make trace level measurements of heavy metals and organic pollutants, while our GIS lab features professional grade GPS equipment, and Arc GIS 10.1, the standard software used by government agencies in the US and Canada.

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Department of Geology & Physics

Geology Equipment

Lake Superior State University provides an excellent opportunity to study geology. Located on the edge of the Canadian Shield and Michigan Basin, we offer a highly innovative, project-centered curriculum that was developed with the financial support of the National Science Foundation. Our classes and field courses emphasize learning through active participation and hands-on experience. The small size of our department fosters a close, personal relationship among students and between students and faculty. Our very active Geology Club organizes regular social activities and local field trips. Students also have the opportunity to collaborate with faculty on research in geomagnetics and micropaleontology.

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School of Physical Sciences Mission and Vision

Unlike larger universities, we offer a small, active, hands-on learning experience for our students where they work directly with the faculty members in the department.  Depending upon your interests, several program options are available to students who are contemplating a career in the environmental sciences.

Environmental Analysis Laboratory

The department of chemistry operates a full compliment of analytical chemical instrumentation.  Our undergraduate students use these instruments in both in their laboratory experiences and to support their senior research projects. Learn more… For information on student internships or general inquiries, contact lab manager Ben Southwell.

student using AQ1 at LSSU

Benjamin H. Long Planetarium

Ben Long Planetarium (Show in Progress)

Our planetarium has public shows several times a year, and is open to school and community groups by appointment. We not only have the capabilities for traditional star shows, but recent upgrades have added capabilities for digital full dome film projection as well.

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C. Ernest Kemp Mineral Resources Museum

The Museum, features several rock and mineral specimens as well as some interactive sand and water tables.  The Museum includes a viewer friendly rotunda as well as several glass display cases that can be found  throughout the ground floor of Crawford Hall. The Museum  was opened in 2003 and dedicated to long time geology instructor/professor Ernest Kemp.

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