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Shared Governance

Appendix I

Memberships of Shared Governance Oversight & Chartered Committees for the 2015-2016 Fiscal Year


  • Chair: David P. Drzewiecki, ESP, term expires 2017
  • Secretary: Tom Pink, AP representative, term expires 2016
  • Ralf Wilhelms, Faculty, term expires 2018
  • Janice Repka, Faculty, term expires 2016
  • Jaimee Gerrie, Faculty Association Chair, term expires 2018
  • David Finley, Interim Provost and Vice President for Academic Affairs (Ex-Officio)
  • Thomas Pleger, LSSU President (Ex-Officio)
  • Phillip Espinosa, AP representative, term expires 2017
  • Colleen Barr, ESP President, term expires 2018
  • Richard Homan, Student Government President

Health and Safety Committee

  • Lori Oliver Faculty representative, term expires 2018
  • Derek Wright Faculty representative, term expires 2017
  • Joe Mattson, ESP representative, term expires 2018
  • Brad Newhouse, ESP representative, term expires 2017
  • Vacant Student representative
  • Vacant Student representative
  • Nicole Kurth Student Affairs/Housing representative, (Permanent member by department)
  • Benjamin Southwell A/P Science Lab Manager (Permanent member by position)
  • Jon Coullard A/P Mechanical Lab Engineer (Permanent member by position)
  • Vacant Human Resources representative (Permanent member by department)
  • Kristen Larsen Counseling Center representative (Permanent member by department)
  • Renee Formolo Health Care Center representative (Permanent member by department)
  • Priscilla Stevens Director of Public Safety (Permanent member by position)
  • Vacant Physical Plant representative(Permanent member by department)


  • Chair: Paul Weber, Faculty, College of Business, & Engineering, term expires 2017
  • Co-Chair: Kirk Mauldin, Faculty, College of Arts and Letters, Social Services and Emergency Services, term expires 2018
  • Secretary: Dave Myton, AP representative term expires 2016
  • Barb Keller, Faculty, College of Natural and Mathematical Sciences, term expires 2017
  • Sandi King, Faculty, College of Nursing, term expires 2018
  • Morrie Walworth, Provost (Ex-Officio)
  • Sherry Brooks, Vice President for Finance (Ex-Officio)
  • Matt Jurvelin, Vice President for Enrollment Services & Student Affairs (Ex-Officio)
  • Donna Fiebelkorn, Assistant Dean, School of Education
  • Lee Freedman, ESP representative, Term expires 2018
  • Abby Christensen, ESP representative, Term Expires 2016
  • Bobbie Kyle, AP representative, Term expires 2018
  • Julianna Weir , Student Government representative
  • Dakota Baker, Student Government representative


  • Chair: Barb Evans, Faculty, Crawford Hall representative, term expires 2016
  • Mary June, Library representative, term expires 2018
  • Joe Susi, Faculty, Norris Center representative, term expires 2016
  • David Leach, Faculty, CASET term expires 2018
  • Spencer Christensen, Faculty, term expires 2017
  • Morrie Walworth, Provost (Ex-Officio)
  • Sherry Brooks, Vice President for Finance (Ex-Officio)
  • Ken Peress, Vice President for Student Affairs (Ex-Officio)
  • Donna Fiebelkorn, Assistant Dean, School of Education, term expires 2017
  • Tom Coates, Executive Director, LSSU Foundation (Permanent member by position)
  • Scott Korb, Director, Campus Life & Housing (Permanent member by position)
  • Daretha Yeadon, AP representative, Risk Management
  • Nancy Neve, Registrar (Permanent member by department)
  • Lee Freedman, ESP representative, Term expires 2016
  • Ryan Stephens, ESP representative, Term Expires 2016
  • Ben Southwell, , Term expires 2016
  • Vacant, Physical Plant representative, (Permanent member by department)
  • Vacant , Student Government Representative
  • Vacant, Student Government Representative


  • Chair: Evan Schemm, Faculty, School of Mathematics and Computer Science, Term expires 2018
  • Vice-Chair: Sandi King, Faculty, School of Nursing, term expires 2016
  • Secretary: Dave Myton, Associate Provost for Assessment, Education and Graduate Studies (Ex-Officio)
  • George Denger, Faculty, School Arts and Letters term expires 2018
  • Robert Hildebrand, Faculty, College of Business and Engineering, term expires 2016 (non-replacement position)
  • Mindy McCready, Faculty, Lukenda School of Business, Term expires 2018
  • Joe Moening, Faculty, School of Engineering and Technology Term expires 2018
  • Barb Light, Faculty, School of Education, Term expires 2018
  • Kristina Olson-Pupek, School of Public Safety, Community & Behavioral Sciences, Term expires 2018
  • Jilena Rose, Faculty, School of Arts and Letters, Term expires 2017
  • Greg Zimmerman, School of Biological Sciences, Term expires 2018
  • Steve Johnson, Faculty, School of Physical Sciences, Term expires 2018
  • Vacant, School of Recreation Studies and Exercise Science, Term expires 2017
  • Sharmay Wood, AP representative, Term expires 2017
  • Mari Schupp, AP representative, Term expires 2018
  • Douglas Grunder, ESP representative term expires 2017
  • Marcia Jenkin-Ball, ESP representative term expires 2018
  • Vacant, Student Representative
  • Vacant, Student Representative


  • Chair: Joe Moening, Faculty - School of Engineering
  • Nancy Kirkpatrick, Dean
  • Chad Barbour, Faculty – Department of English & Communication
  • Matt Jurvelin - Vice President for Enrollment Services & Student Affairs- Representing Admissions (Ex-Officio)
  • Mary Reynolds-Keegan, Faculty – School of Nursing
  • Deb Faust, Director – Financial Aid
  • Karen Johnston, Director – Advising, Retention, Orientation
  • David Myton - AP
  • Nancy Neve, Registrar
  • Marc Boucher, Director – Library
  • Britton Ranson Olson, Faculty – School of Biological Sciences
  • Phillip Espinosa, Director – Human Resources
  • Derric Knight, ESP Representative
  • Kathleen Drzewiecki, ESP Representative
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