How to Apply for Study Abroad

I want to study abroad.  What do I do first?

Spend some time reviewing the study abroad opportunities to find the program that is right for you.  This website has a list of over 40 countries you can visit with choices from full year programs to short summer programs.  If you find something that interests you here, select your program and follow the steps outlined below.  If your interest takes you outside of this list, research your program and stop by the Study Abroad Office to talk about your choice.

HINT: Watch for application deadlines as programs may have different and multiple deadlines.

Complete Application

Once you’ve selected your study abroad program, visit the Study Abroad Office to meet with an adviser who will guide you to the application specific to your program.

If you are interested in an LSSU faculty-led program, be sure to complete the specific application for the program.  For all other programs you will need to complete two applications – the LSSU Study Abroad Application and specific sponsor application.

Complete the LSSU Application form and submit it to the Study Abroad Office.  You must be at least a sophomore with a minimum 2.5 cumulative GPA to apply.  You will need two faculty members to complete a brief evaluation of your readiness to study abroad.

If you have selected a program through an LSSU partner consortium, review their requirements carefully to assure that you meet the minimums to be accepted into their program.  Each partner has additional forms for you to complete and deadlines you will have to meet for applications and payments.

If you are thinking about using financial aid for partial payment of your trip, meet with a Financial Aid Officer early to discuss your options.

Copies of all application materials are maintained in your student file.

Basic Documents

  • LSSU Application form, which includes:
    • Course Registration/Equivalency Form that is signed by your academic advisor
    • Two letters of reference (from an LSSU faculty member)
    • Proof of medical insurance & completed medical release form

General Requirements

  • LSSU requires a minimum cumulative LSSU grade point average of 2.5 in order to approve an application to study abroad. Individual program sponsors may require proof of higher GPA.
  • LSSU will withdraw its support of your application if you are under formal academic and/or disciplinary probation or suspension at the time your program begins.
  • In most cases, you must be at least sophomore standing at the time you participate in the program.  Individual program sponsors may have higher requirements.

Note:  Institutional grants, scholarships, rebates, waivers, the Michigan Indian Tuition Waiver and some forms of State of Michigan financial aid are not eligible for use on study abroad programs.

Basic Costs

  • Non-refundable Administration Fees  – $100 for partner consortium trips or $250 for Single Student Agreements for customized trip (each trip may vary in administration fees).
  • Early deposits and sponsor application fees – generally due several weeks before the trip of approximately 25% of the total.  Review sponsor sites carefully for details.  Review what is included in package price and what is excluded.
  • Airfare – may be included in LSSU faculty-led trip costs but rarely in others
  • Student Passport and/or Visa
  • Tuition, room and board, meals, excursions, books, etc.
  • Final payment – generally due in full before the trip.  Review LSSU application form and sponsor sites & forms carefully for details.
  • Trip insurance – in some cases travel insurance may be included.
  • Health insurance – you can purchase LSSU Study Abroad Student Insurance.
  • Vaccinations, if required
  • Spending money for misc. expenses


  • Select your trip and complete the correct LSSU Application Form
  • Have two faculty members complete the Evaluation Forms
  • Meet with your advisor to complete the Course Equivalency forms
  • Meet with a Financial Aid Officer to review your aid eligibility
  • Apply for scholarships – check out study abroad scholarship opportunities
  • Assure that your completed application is submitted to LSSU before the due date
  • Receive your Decision Form from LSSU and the sponsor (if using a consortium partner)
  • Pay your early deposit by the due date
  • Arrange for your flight – usually on your own
  • Make sure you have your passport or visa, if required
  • Make sure you have any necessary vaccinations and the required health insurance
  • Pay your balance due by the due date
  • Sign a Power of Attorney form if you need someone to make payments for you
  • Stay in touch with your advisor throughout your study abroad
  • Complete all coursework on a timely basis to assure that you receive full credit for your courses taken abroad
  • Keep checking your Anchor Access Account to make sure your grades post to your transcript on a timely basis