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Study abroad is your opportunity to live in a foreign country and attend a foreign university.

  • See the world
  • Learn different education styles
  • Explore a new culture
  • Practice language skills
  • Make lifelong friends
  • Be more independent

Faculty-Led Programs

Spring 2017 Programs

Costa Rica
May 1-11, 2017

Costa Rica- San Jose, Cano Island, Campanario Biological station

Explore the tropical ecology of Costa Rica during a 10-day "Edventure" through national parks and reserves. Costa Rica has some of the world's greatest biodiversity, which you will experience while hiking in Corcovado National Park. Students will kayak in the mangroves, hike in the jungle, swim in the waterfalls, snorkel at Cano Island and camp in Campanario. A variety of lab experiences with flora and fauna of the tropical rain forest are included. Be prepared for the adventure of a lifetime while helping with bat capture during your night hike. Learn about Costa Rican culture and history at a homestay in a remote indigenous village.

Program Fees: BIOL 300 - Special Topics - Tropical Ecology (four credits @ $451 per credit) & $2,000 (Includes round-trip airfare, lodging, all meals, park admission fees, in-country travel)

Faculty Leader: Dr. Tom Allan, Associate Professor of Biology

Application Deadline: November 11, 2016 (LSSU Spring registration begins November 7)

Requirement: This is course requires permission of the instructor (Tom Allan, Ph.D.) to register.

Note: Application Fee: $25, Included, non-refundable

New Zealand
April 30-May 14, 2017

Explore awe-inspiring landscapes and become immersed in a diverse culture during a 14-day adventure through the North and South islands of New Zealand. BIOL students will explore the unique biodiversity and ecology of marine and freshwater ecosystems, while HLTH students will be exposed to New Zealand health care issues and indigenous health practices. Together, students will collaborate to understand the connections between the environment and human health, with a strong emphasis on values and perspectives of the indigenous Maori people. The travel will include unique cultural experiences, including visits to Maori meeting places and introductions to Maori ceremonial dances; stunning landscapes, including geothermal hot springs, glaciers, and marine reserves; and lively city life in Auckland, the most multicultural city in the world. A moderate level of activity will be required, including snorkeling, kayaking, and hiking, so students should be prepared for physical activity. This adventure linking New Zealand culture, human health, and ecology through the “Lord of the Rings” landscapes promises to be an experience of a lifetime!

Program Fees: Cultural, Ecological and Human Health Issues of New Zealand- BIOL 200 and HLTH 200 (six credits @ $451 per credit) & $3,800 special course fee(Includes round-trip airfare, lodging, all meals, park admission fees, in-country travel)

Faculty Leader: Dr. Ashley Moerke, Ph.D.- Professor of Biology and Dr. Kathy Berchem- Professor of Nursing

Application Deadline: November 11, 2016 (LSSU Spring registration begins November 7)

Note: Application Fee: $25, Included, non-refundable

Summer 2017 Programs

China - Shaoxing
May 8 - June 16, 2017

LSSU’s intensive course offerings in China may be the perfect cultural, business and language learning solution for those looking for an immersive and holistic international learning experience. Shaoxing University was originally founded in 1909 as the Shankuai Primary Normal School and enrolls 13,000 undergraduate students today. The University is located in Shaoxing, one of the famous historical cities in China. With a history of thousands of years, the region is renowned for the abundant of cultural relics. Numerous accomplished scholars
or figures were born or lived here such as Yu the Great in the far ancient China and the famous writer Lu Xun in modern times. You will participate in a challenging weekly course schedule that can provide you with up to 14 course credits for your current major at LSSU.

Program Fee: $3,798 (Includes: Up to 14 credits, room and board, round-trip airfare and visa, travel insurance, tour program fees, on-site transportation, books. Financial aid is available for qualifying students)

14 Credits

  • INTB 420 International Business - 3 cr.
  • INTD 320 International Experience - 3 cr.
  • CHIN 151 & CHIN 152 Chinese Language - 8 cr.

Faculty Leader: Dr. Ralf Wilhelms, MIBA, DBA, International Business

Not included: $25 non-refundable application fee, passport, HTH mandatory health insurance, immunizations

Application Deadline: February 1, 2017


Experience Scotland in 2017-2018

LSSU has joined the Wisconsin Experience Scotland Program for 2017-2018!
This program is one of the most affordable study abroad options available today!

Set in the historical Dalkeith House or "Palace" as the locals refer to it, this rich, cultural immersion experience is a safe and comfortable way to take your education beyond your borders. Partnerships with the University of Edinburgh Student Associations and non-residential host families provide enriching opportunities for expanding your education. Explore the UK while studying with Experience Scotland.

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