Golf Training Facility

Northern Michigan and the Twin Sault’s Premier Golf Improvement Facility

The LSSU Golf Training Facility was born from the need for practice facilities to quantify the improvement of amateur golfers. It is our mission to address the clients entire Skill Set when making our prescription for game improvement. The LSSU Golf Training Facility is a unique environment built to give the amateur golfer the same game improvement and game enhancement tools that touring professionals have at their disposal every week. We provide opportunity to improve in putting, wedge play and full swing. The LSSU Golf Training Facility will take the guess work out of game improvement. We have the ability to collect purely objective data and then interpret the results based on the norm›s for both your age and handicap. Only after this process do we begin to apply purposeful change. Learning is an ongoing process and the LSSU Golf Training Facility is equipped to help guide you down the path to a better golf game.

The facility offers the following:

  • Full swing hitting bay
  • Flightscope X2 analysis (optional)
  • Wedge play practice area
  • Putting green
Norris Events Center: Golf Training Facility

Hours of Operation and Reservation Requests

The hours will follow the Norris Events Center building hours. Please call ahead to book your time at 906-635-2602.

Rental Rates

To check facility availability and make reservations please contact us at 906-635-2602.

Rental Rates:

  • One hour – $15 (max. two people)
  • 10 punch pass card – $100
  • Semester Membership – $150

General Rules

General Policies

  1. The hours of operation at the LSSU Golf Training Facility will coincide with the hours of operations for the Student activity center and Norris Center.
  2. All fees must be paid in full prior to use.
  3. The golf training facility is a scheduled facility. Please do not enter until your scheduled start time.
  4. Each individual using the golf training facility must have a booked time and register at the Student Activity Center desk.  In exchange for the golf training facility key you will be required to leave a form of identification.
  5. Each individual using the golf training facility will be required upon check-in to fill out and submit a fully executed waiver form prior to using the facility.
  6. You will receive a key that allows you to enter the golf training facility.  In exchange, you will leave a form of idea such as a student card, drivers lic. or credit card.
  7. At least five (5) minutes before your scheduled finish time, please clean up equipment and put garbage and recycling in their respective cans and return key to the Student Activity Center desk.
  8. All fees paid to the Norris Center are non-refundable.  Registrants shall not be permitted to pay pro-rated fees unless otherwise agreed to in writing to the Norris Center or through discussions with the Men’s Head Golf Coach.
  9. The facility manager shall have full and complete charge of the golf training facility at all times.
  10. Maximum of two guests are allowed in the golf training facility at any time.  Please see the Men’s Golf Coach for special exceptions.
  11. A person can book one hour maximum.  If two guests are booking, they will be allowed to book up to two hours maximum.
  12. Booking a time can be done 14 days out, no later.
  13. Please notify the Student Activity Center at (906) 635-2029 if you need to cancel your appointment time.
  14. Pets are not allowed.
  15. Smoking is NOT PERMITTED.  Smoking can take place in designated areas around the Norris Center.
  16. Violation of any of these rules or conduct in a manner prejudicial to the best interests of the golf training facility will subject the person in violation to the disciplinary action deemed appropriate by the University.
  17. The golf training facility may not be used for any other purposes except for golf.
  18. Unless otherwise permitted by the golf training facility, children under the age of sixteen must be accompanied by an adult.  The adult will sign a waiver form for the child prior to the child using the golf training facility.
  19. The Men’s golf coach may close the golf training facility to the public at any time.  The Men’s golf coach will be responsible for booking off the time in the booking schedule.
  20. All complaints, criticisms or suggestions relating to the operations of the golf training facility must be in writing, signed and addressed to the Facility Manager.
  21. The golf training facility reserves the right to amend or modify these rules when necessary and will notify the membership of any change.

Food and Drink

  1. No food of any type may be brought into the training area.
  2. No gum or chewing tobacco may be chewed while inside the Facility.
  3. Cigarettes and other tobacco products are prohibited inside the Facility.
  4. No drinks of any type may be brought into the training area other than water. All other drinks are prohibited due to potential damage caused to the artificial turf.


  1. The golf training facility is monitored with security camera’s 24/7.
  2. No discourteous behavior or arguing will be tolerated at the facility. No fighting of any type shall be permitted. Anyone violating this rule shall be subject to immediate expulsion without refund.
  3. No person may pull, hang onto or harm any of the netting in the hitting cage and/or surrounding the training area.
  4. No person may cause damage to the walls, machines, lights or any other fixture or private property of the facility.
  5. No person may pull on or attempt to remove the artificial turf.
  6. Any person causing damage to the facility shall be held accountable to reimburse Lake Superior State University, in full, for all repair and/or replacement expenses arising from such conduct.
  7. Parents not participating are only allowed in the golf training facility if the child is under the age of 16 years of age.  All other spectators are prohibited from viewing and need to remain outside the golf training facility.
  8. Coaches/parents/participants are responsible for ensuring that all waste/garbage generated by them (including any minors accompanying them and any individuals/groups under their direction or control) is removed from the training area and placed in the appropriate receptacles prior to leaving the training area.
  9. Coaches/parents are responsible for providing a signed waiver form at check-in.  The behavior and conduct of all minors accompanying them to the golf training facility will be monitored. Such vicarious responsibility includes insuring that all rules and regulations of the golf training facility are respected and obeyed and they assume responsibility for all damage which results from the improper actions of such minors.
  10. The golf training facility reserves the sole right to cancel or reschedule any scheduled event within a reasonable time frame.
  11. No running or the throwing or kicking of any balls or any other object(s) whatsoever is permitted in any of the interior areas of the golf training facility.
  12. The parking lot and any area outside the building at the Norris Center may not be utilized for anything other than parking vehicles (i.e. no playing catch, skateboarding, etc.). Any person violating this regulation shall be subject to immediate expulsion and shall be personally and/or vicariously liable for any damage caused to any person or property.
  13. The golf training facility has no responsibility whatsoever for any personal belongings that are lost, disappear or may be stolen from the golf training facility premises.
  14. Lake Superior State University athletics reserves the right to assess and collect damages from any persons who violate any rules and/or regulations of the Facility or cause damage to any person or property. Parents and/or guardians are responsible for the conduct of minors.
  15. Any person unwilling to comply with the rules and regulations of the golf training facility may be denied access to, and may not be entitled to any refunds from the golf training facility.