Templates, Banners, Page Header Images

All department and program websites must use the official template built in the university’s content management system (WordPress). The university webmaster supports all web templates and banners. They include the institution’s visual-identity standards and brand strategies.

  • This style guide provides information on how to maintain a look and feel consistent with the university’s website.
  • Our web templates include page-layout options, the university logo, departmental nameplates, official fonts and color styles, footers, and banner links.
  • Web banners span the top of each page in the website and include the logo, nameplate, universal search box and links.
  • Website owners and managers should maintain and regularly update the content area below the banner, which must contain the standard navigational elements for all departmental sites.
  • Basic page-header images (optional) can be added by web content managers and must be 1500 pixels by 430 pixels in size.
  • Web Services and Public Relations must review and approve any modification of our page templates. We are not currently accepting requests for custom web templates as we move forward to support our new new web efforts.