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  • Student nurses host first aid workshop for Health Science campers
    Licensed practical nurse program, which graduates a class on Aug. 2, conducted safety, personal health, and first aid briefings at stations that touched on everything from treating heatstroke to putting out clothing fires. [ more ]
  • Students, faculty set out to explore new polymer semiconductors
    New BAS Epsilon electrochemical analyzer will explore polymers that are lightweight and flexible like plastic and have unique electronic properties, which makes them useful in solar cells, organic light emitting diodes (OLEDs), corrosion coatings, and in thin semiconductors. [ more ]
  • Corporate grant brings DNA-replication breakthrough to chemistry lab
    The thermal cycler, funded by a Streck Corporation educational grant worth thousands of dollars, plugs into a computer's USB port and does the work of older refrigerator-sized instruments in less than a quarter of the time. [ more ]
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