Laker Success at Lake Superior State University

Our Mission

We want every student to succeed in their academic pursuits and have a positive university experience.

The Laker Success Team Group Photo

What We Do

We are here to help you succeed! LSSU created the Laker Success program to provide academic support inside the residence halls. Our Resident Success Coaches are upper-class students who take an active roll in passing on the skill and techniques that they have developed to students living on campus.

Many studies show that students who live in University housing complete more credit hours and have higher GPAs. Access to the library and other academic buildings is more convenient for students living on campus. For these reasons, we encourage students to live in University housing. Eating healthy, exercising, getting enough sleep, as well as scheduling study and coursework times are all a part of planning for a successful semester.

Meet Our Resident Success Coaches


Major:  Computer Science

Interests:  Running, gaming, cooking, woodworking

What is your advice for a first year student:  Try something new. Reading the textbooks will keep you ahead of the game. Keep room doors open as much as possible; lots of opportunities will walk through

How do you de-stress/practice self-care:  By going for a run. Walk away from the problem for a moment to clear the mind. Sit in the sauna.

Meet Our Commuter Success Coaches


Major: Forensic Chemistry & Biochemistry

What is your advice for commuters Use your free time wisely, always bring along work that you can find time to be productive with!

How do you de-stress/practice self-care: Running, music, spending time with friends and family.  I always schedule in self-care activities for me to do, otherwise I skip right over things I enjoy.

Laker Success Team

Sharmay Wood
Director of Campus Life and Laker Success
Betty Chelli
Laker Success Coordinator
Joe Stusynski
Residence Hall Coordinator
Derric Knight
Assistant Director of Housing and Campus Diversity Officer
Caitlyn Schmitigal
Laker Events Coordinator
Beth Brandon
Laker Success IPASS Coordinator