Web Accessibility Policy

Responsible Office: Lake Superior State University Marketing & Communications
Date Last Revised: January 2024  


Lake Superior State University is committed to providing equitable access to information technology, digital materials, services, University-generated web content, and electronic media to the broadest possible audience. The University recognizes that individuals with disabilities may use assistive/adaptive technology with web-based applications to access information and that web content should be responsive to the needs of these individuals (whether those persons are students, staff, faculty, University guests, or members of the public).


This policy establishes minimum standards for the accessibility of web-based information and services considered necessary to meet the university’s goals and ensure compliance with applicable laws.


Lake Superior State University will provide digital content in an accessible manner for persons with disabilities. The University has adopted a Technical Standard (“Technical Accessibility Guidelines”): the Web Content Accessibility Guidelines 2.2 (WCAG 2.2), AA. The university’s IT and digital resources should strive to meet these standards. In order to conform to this Technical Standard, the university encourages using Universal Design to build systems and processes which can be broadly accessed by everyone.


Complaints regarding accessibility of University Web pages may be directed to the university webmaster at . The Provost’s Office is responsible for investigating complaints of non-compliance and for referring non-compliant web content to the Office of Marketing & Communications. University Web pages in violation of this policy will be referred by the webmaster for remediation. Remediation efforts may include removal of the site from the Internet until the Web page is in compliance with this policy.



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