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Alum Success

Don Sawruk

Don Sawruk '70

"My two business degrees from LSSU were instrumental in preparing me to work at all levels of Edison Sault Electric (ESE), concluding with the privilege of becoming ESE President in 1998. My company also takes pride in that 14 out of a total of 17 management personnel and about 20% of hourly employees at ESE either have degrees from or have attended a substantial number of classes at LSSU. Finally, our company and employees have contributed in excess of $500,000 to various LSSU projects over the last 25 years. ESE Believes in Blue."

Edison Sault Electric Company
President and CEO
Sault Ste. Marie, MI

LSSU Business and Economics Outstanding Alumnus Award '03


Redefining the Classroom

At LSSU, we're redefining the classroom and preparing students for a world where the only constant is change. Students at LSSU go beyond the traditional classroom experience with real-world, hands-on, engaged learning experiences. Find out for yourself how we're changing the classroom experience by scheduling your campus visit today. Can't wait for a visit? Click here to Request Information.

Schedule a Campus Visit

Laker faculty and staff are eager to meet with you while you are on campus! With LSSU vibrant as ever, now is a great time to visit our campus.  As part of your campus visit, we'll connect you with a faculty member from your area of interest and an opportunity to meet with an advisor from Admissions.  In addition, we'll treat you to a meal in the Quarterdeck (limited during May-August), our main dining hall on campus as well as tickets to a home sporting event if you visit on a game day. So come on up and check us out - meet with current students, learn about our programs, and take in the Laker experience!  For more information on campus tours and to register online, visit our Campus Tour homepage.

Apply to LSSU Today 

Ready to start your transition to LSSU?  Get started today by completing an application online! Apply NOW

Requests for Special Housing Accommodations

To request special accommodations, in addition to filling out the housing application, it is required that you register with the LSSU Office of Disabilities Services. The director of Disability Services will verify your disability and advise housing staff of appropriate accommodation. Housing staff will facilitate the housing accommodation based on application date and availability. Questions about accessible student housing may be directed to Mr. Scott Korb, Director of Campus Life and Housing.

Have Questions? Need Answers? Ask an Advisor!

Choosing what to do after high school is one of the most difficult decisions students must face each year. Do I want to go to a university? Do I want to enlist in the military? Do I want to enter a vocational trade? Do I want to enter the workforce or start my own business? There are so many options for students to choose from and sometimes the chocies can feel overwhelming. When it comes down to choosing a college or university, we want you to know that we can help you get the answers you need about LSSU. Our advising staff is here to help you learn more about the many options available at LSSU, from areas of study to financial aid and career success. If they don't know the answers themselves, they will be sure to help steer you in the right direction. Visit our advising page to connect with the advisor in your area.

Financing Your Education

Do you find yourself asking how you might pay for your college education?  Wondering whether or not you qualify for an LSSU scholarship?  If so, take a few minutes to visit our Financial Aid homepage to learn about some of the resources available to you at LSSU.  If you are a student graduating from any North American high school in 2015, you can also learn about what it takes to earn an LSSU scholarship using our Board of Trustees Scholarship Estimator Tool.  This scholarship calculator is a great way to estimate your potential for an LSSU Board of Trustees Scholarship, one of the many ways students at LSSU help finance their education. 

Did you know that LSSU is one of the most affordable universities in Michigan? In fact, LSSU is in the bottom third of costs for tuition and room & board amongst public universities in Michigan. In addition, LSSU also features a "tuition plateau" that allows for a student to pay a flat tuition rate when registered for 12 - 17 credits. This means that instead of paying for each credit hour, LSSU full-time students pay a standard rate and have the ability to add additional credits (up to 17) with no additional costs! Learn more about the actual cost of your education at LSSU by visiting our Loan/Cost Estimator Tool and find out what you can expect to pay for your education.

LSSU Ranked Amongst Best Colleges in the Midwest - for the 4th year in a row.

Lake Superior State University has once again been recognized by U.S. News & World Report as the #5 Best College in the Midwest amongst regional public colleges.

In addition to the U.S. News & World Report ranking, in an article written by Affordable Colleges Online, Lake Superior State University was ranked fourth among higher education institutions in Michigan. The rankings were based on the overall value and cost of individual online courses and programs. You can find more on the methodology here.

AC featured the fact that LSSU offers students the option of completing their bachelor degrees in Criminal Justice or Fire Science online. Both programs are accredited through the Higher Learning Commission. All LSSU online courses are taught by full time faculty members who also provide instruction for the traditional on campus courses. For a complete list of the rankings, you can visit here.

Distinguished Learning

In addition to offering supportive financial assistance to our students, LSSU prides itself in offering a comprehensive, inter-disciplinary, and engaged Honors Program for academically gifted students that wish to distinguish their learning experiences from their peers. The Honors Program at LSSU is for highly motivated students that wish to develop their abilities and skills in exciting and innovative ways that go beyond the classroom. The central goal of the Honors faculty is to actively engage the Honors students in the process of their undergraduate education. Learn more about the program by visiting the Honors homepage.

A Military Friendly School

Lake Superior State University has once again been recognized by GI Jobs Magazine as a Military Friendly School. This means that LSSU is considered in the top 20% of all schools nationwide and that we offer several opportunities and services to support our veteran students. One of the latest efforts LSSU has made to service veterans is a recently forged agreement with the United States Marines Corps and the Leadership Scholar Program (LSP). The LSP is a partnership between LSSU and the U.S. Marine Corps to help honorably discharged marines continue their education. Marines whom are accepted into this program are guaranteed admission to LSSU. You can learn more about the LSP and other Military Opportunities at LSSU by visiting our Veterans Affairs homepage . We now offer transfer credit for Dante's exams, based upon ACE recommendations. Click this link to view the transfer equivalencies: Dante's ACE Credit.

Study Abroad

Interested in exploring another culture? Ever want to learn a new language? Then consider taking advantage of a faculty-led program in another country or joining a group of students through one of many LSSU consortium programs as part of our growing Study Abroad programs. Photo courtesy of Dr. Ashley Moerke.

Personal Attention Sets Us Apart

LSSU is more than just an institution; it is home to a community of students, faculty, and staff.  As a guest on our campus, we want you to feel at home too. You will find that the Admissions Office is just that: a comfortable, historical building meant to welcome guests to our campus.  When you come to our office, you will have the opportunity to meet with one of our admissions advisors, whom can answer your questions about what it means to be a Laker and attend LSSU. Whether you are a transfer student, still in high school, a guidance counselor or a parent - you're always welcome at our doorstep. Questions or comments are always encouraged, and remember, the admissions advisors are here for you. Schedule a visit today!

Note for visitors to Admissions: The Admissions Office building is located in one of the original Fort Brady buildings and due to the historical nature of this building, visitors must climb a flight of stairs to reach the main floor. We understand that this may cause difficulty, therefore, we are more than happy to make other meeting arrangements, accommodating your needs. To do so, please call us at 1-888-800-LSSU (5778) or 906-635-2231 or send us an email at

Student Leader...

Shyla Jones

Shyla Jones,
Business Administration

" Our small campus is inviting and really allows you to get to know other students as well as professors. All of my professors know who I am and care about my education just as much as I do. " [ more ]

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