Lake Superior State University Hosts Successful FIRST Robotics Event, Inspiring Future STEM Leaders

Contact: Sheridan Worth, Director of Marketing at Lake Superior State University, , 906-635-2689 

(Sault Ste. Marie, MI) – The FIRST Robotics event hosted by Lake Superior State University (LSSU) from March 14th to 16th was a resounding success, characterized by innovation, collaboration, and intense competition. With 42 high school teams in attendance, the campus buzzed with energy as students showcased their talents and teamwork in a thrilling robotics showdown.

Throughout the event, participants engaged in spirited collaboration, forming alliances, devising strategies, and competing in a challenging field game that merged the excitement of sports with the precision of science and technology. 

Exclusive access to LSSU’s cutting-edge Robotics Lab provided participants with insights into the latest technologies and groundbreaking research happening at the university, further enriching each student’s experience. 

Jim Devaprasad, Professor and Director of the Robotics Center at LSSU, expressed pride in hosting the event, highlighting the university’s nationally accredited engineering programs and its distinction as the first institution in the nation to offer a BS degree in robotics. 

“We are so glad to welcome all the FIRST Robotics teams to LSSU and witness this exciting competition in our community,” said Jim Devaprasad. “We appreciate the opportunity to showcase what our small yet vibrant university has to offer our students seeking a university setting with affordable prices to embark on a bright future and career.” 

Keynote addresses by Dr. Kimberly Muller and Fred Carr set an inspiring tone, emphasizing the importance of teamwork, innovation, and a shared passion for STEM disciplines. 

Dr. Muller invited guests to look around and witness the future leaders across various industries. “These students demonstrate the ability to show up, work hard, and have fun doing it. They excel in communicating innovative ideas, learning from their mentors, and bouncing back from setbacks. They are on a path to great leadership.” 

Fred Carr, CEO of Anchor Systems, shared his awe, stating, “This past week’s events at the LSSU-hosted FIRST Robotics competition, over 40 teams, with the very best and brightest young talent in robotics. The energy was off-the-charts and the level of technical ingenuity demonstrated by these teams of young innovators, parents, and mentors – was completely inspiring.” 

Beyond the competition itself, the FIRST Robotics event served as a platform for students to tackle real-world challenges, fostering creativity and honing problem-solving skills. The active involvement of LSSU engineering alumni and current students as coaches and mentors further emphasized the university’s dedication to nurturing the next generation of STEM leaders. 

The success of the event was made possible by the generous support of donors and the unwavering dedication of teams, faculty, staff, students, parents, mentors, and supporters. Together, they are driving the advancement of STEM education and inspiring future innovators to reach new heights. 

Learn more about LSSU’s Robotics and the FIRST Robotics event by visiting our website.