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  • Experience Scotland in 2016

    LSSU has joined the Wisconsin Experience Scotland Program for 2016! This program is one of the most affordable study abroad options available today!

    Set in the historical Dalkeith House or "Palace" as the locals refer to it, this rich, cultural immersion experience is a safe and comfortable way to take your education beyond your borders. Partnerships with the University of Edinburgh Student Associations and non-residential host families provide enriching opportunities for expanding your education. Explore the UK while studying with Experience Scotland.

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    Faculty-Led Programs

    Belize 2015

    This course is currently in progress.

    Explore the biodiversity and ecology of tropical marine ecosystems during a 10-day adventure in Belize (Central America). Students will study coral reef, sea grass, and mangrove ecosystems to learn about their unique ecology, flora, fauna, and conservation issues.

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    The Costa Rica Program

    This course is currently closed.

    Costa Rica- San Jose, Cano Island, Campanario Biological station

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    Explore the tropical ecology of Costa Rica during a 10-day "Edventure" through national parks and reserves. Costa Rica has some of the world's greatest biodiversity, which you will experience while hiking in Corcovado National Park. Students will kayak in the mangroves, hike in the jungle, swim in the waterfalls, snorkel at Cano Island and camp in Campanario. A variety of lab experiences with flora and fauna of the tropical rain forest are included. Be prepared for the adventure of a lifetime while helping with bat capture during your night hike. Learn about Costa Rican culture and history at a homestay in a remote indigenous village.

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