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Study At Shaoxing University with Dr. Ralf Wilhelms in Summer 2020

Contact the Study Abroad Office for Details:

Marc Boucher • KJSLBR208 • 906-635-2404 •

  • Historic Shaoxing Port
  • Shaoxing University
  • Market Day in Shaoxing
  • Monks in Shaoxing
  • Textile market in Shaoxing
  • Shaoxing, China
  • Shaoxing Sports Complex
  • Shaoxing University at Night

Experience Scotland

LSSU participates in the Wisconsin Experience Scotland Program

Set in the historical Dalkeith House or “Palace” as the locals refer to it, this rich, cultural immersion experience is a safe and comfortable way to take your education beyond your borders. Partnerships with the University of Edinburgh Student Associations and non-residential host families provide enriching opportunities for expanding your education. Explore the UK while studying with Experience Scotland.

Experience Scotland

How To Apply

  1. Meet with Study Abroad Officer for Pre-Approval from LSSU
  2. Meet with Faculty Advisor to complete schedule (see Course Information under specific semester, above)
  3. Complete Study Abroad Scotland Application. Submit $25 Application fee and $250 NON-REFUNDABLE deposit to LSSU. NOTE: Two Faculty references required.
  4. Meet with Financial Aid Office to determine aid eligibility for program
  5. Complete Wisconsin In Scotland Program Application.

The following items need to be completed prior to an application being considered for acceptance.

  • WI Signature Verification Form: Students will need to send this form to verify their identity and to be allowed to digitally sign documents within the application.
  • WI $30 Application Fee: Students will be asked to mail this check directly to UW-River Falls.
  • WI Code of Conduct: This form requires a digital signature.
  • WI System Uniform Statement of Responsibility, Release & Authorization:This form requires a digital signature.
  • WI Fee, Deposit, Payment, Cancellation and Refund Policy: This form requires a digital signature.
  • WI Course Selection Form: Students will select the courses they wish to take during their semester abroad. If they elect to do an internship, they will be prompted to complete an additional application.
  • WI Personal Photo: Students will be asked to upload a photo of themselves.
  • WI My Education Abroad/Away Experience: Students are asked to identify why they selected this program and what they hope to gain from the experience.
  • WI Host Family Questionnaire: Students will be asked whether they wish to participate in the non-residential host family program and, if so, answer questions about their host family preferences.Students will not see the following items until they have been accepted into the WI program:
  • Housing/Residential Life Questions: Students will answer a variety of questions about their housing needs and preferences.
  • Medical & Disability Self-Assessment: Students will answer a variety of questions about any medical or disability conditions, and accommodations needed.
  • Passport & Emergency Contact Information: Students will be asked to upload a copy of their passport and input emergency contact information.
  • Travel Information: Students will be asked to submit their travel information (flight #’s, arrival date/time, etc.) once they obtain this information.

All WI Application materials will be mailed to:

Wisconsin in Scotland Program
University of Wisconsin-River Falls
410 South Third Street
102 Hagestad Hall
River Falls, WI 54022

Fall Semester 2019

Anticipated Priority Application Deadline: TBA
Additional Course Information

Scotland Course Credits LSSU Equivalency Faculty
Scotland:  Heritage and Culture 3 HIST277 Scottish Faculty
Scotland:  Society & Globalization 3 SOCY277 Gerry Mooney
Theatre Appreciation – Edinburgh Festival Fringe 3 THEA277 Jeanne Navarre
Film and Literature 3 HUMN256 Lissa Schneider-Rebozo
Drawing I 3 ARTS110 Emily Beck
Drawing III 3 ARTS420 Emily Beck
Painting I 3 ARTS111 Emily Beck
Painting III 3 ARTS420 Emily Beck
Introduction to Art 4 ARTS250 Emily Beck
Sociology of Women 3 SOCY321 Kirk Mauldin
Criminology 3 SOCY214 Kirk Mauldin
Social Problems 4 SOCY102 Kirk Mauldin

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