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Our Mission as an LSSNA Member is…

“To support and advocate for the further growth and development of Lake State Student Nurses, preparing students to become responsible, accountable, and professional future nurse leaders; as well as to strive to improve the community as a whole through active involvement.”

About LSSNA:

The Lake State Student Nurses Association (LSSNA) is a prominent voice and outlet for nursing students at Lake Superior State University.

LSSNA is a chapter of the National Student Nurses' Association (NSNA) which is the professional nursing organization for students. The hierarchy within NSNA includes national, state, and chapter levels. Each level of the professional nursing student association has been and is directed by nursing students. NSNA is sponsored by the American Nurses' Association and the National League for Nursing.

Membership in LSSNA is voluntary and open to students enrolled in pre-nursing and nursing at Lake Superior State University. Being a member provides an excellent way to meet fellow nursing students who can serve as resource people as you progress though the nursing program. LSSNA members are active in community activities and in organizational fundraisers.

What we do

  • Relay for Life
  • Sponsor 4 Blood Drives each year
  • Special Olympics
  • Donate to local causes
  • Mentor/Mentee Program

Any questions??  E-mail our faculty advisor Professor Jaimee Gerrie at or our current president for answers!

                   LSSNA's  2012-13 Executive Board

President:   Emily Schaub                                

1st Vice President: Liz Schlaud

2nd Vice President:  Stephanie Bishop                                      

Secretary: Alyse Guillard                                   

Treasurer: Brandyn Clemens                                   

Community Health Director: CharyseReinfelder       

Image and Break Through into Nursing: Megan Taylor       

Membership Director: Jillian Roettenberger                    

Communication Director: Alex Guillard             

Public Relations Director: Amanda Neve        


Faculty Advisor:  Professor Jaimee Gerrie

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