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Get Straight to Solving Today’s Problems with a Degree in Environmental Science

Are you passionate about addressing global warming, pollution, and alternative energy? Does the natural world inspire you? Environmental science is an interdisciplinary subject that involves studying biology, chemistry, physics, geology and social sciences. By combining an understanding of all of these areas, you are better able to understand the environment and solve today’s problems using the innovative approach taught to you right here at LSSU!

Why Study Environmental Science at LSSU?

At LSSU, our geographic location and small class sizes means that you will have the opportunity to work closely with faculty members both in and out of the classroom, developing hands on skills and solving real world problems. We also have excellent resources to support your education, ranging from our collection of standard field sampling equipment (multi-parameter sondes, professional GPS receivers, ponar dredges, Van Dorn bottles, plankton nets, Hi-Vol samplers, etc.), to our suite of chemical instrumentation, to our fully featured GIS lab for mapping and spatial analysis.

  • 100% placement rate for graduates entering the workforce
  • Chemistry and Environmental Students are eligible to live in Huron Hall, a living learning community

Choose your Concentration!

We have concentrations in Physical Sciences, Chemistry and Policy and Management!  So many choices for you to design your dream career!


Starting Salary for Environmental Scientists.


Placement rate for graduates entering the workforce.


The College of Science and the Environment maintains a full complement of modern chemical instruments.  Our undergraduate students and faculty use these instruments both in their laboratory experiences and to support their research.

Other examples of equipment used in the program:

  • AQ-1 Discreet Colorimetric Analyzer for automated water quality analysis (N,P,Si)
  • Ion Chromatograph for anion analysis
  • Headspace GC-MS for VOC analysis
  • LC-MS/MS for pesticides and emerging contaminants (PPCPs, PFOAs, etc.)
  • LC-TOF-MS for accurate mass detection and screening of organic pollutants
  • GC-MS/MS for pesticides and persistent organic pollutants (PCBs, PAHs, BFRs etc.)
  • ICP-MS, MP-AES, & Microwave Digester for elemental/heavy metal analysis
  • PCR and q-PCR for environmental microbiology & pathogen analysis
  • Soxhlet Extractors, Rotary Evaporators, Lyophilizer, etc. for sample extraction & preparation

Career Opportunities

  • Environmental Scientists
  • Environmental Health Specialist
  • Environmental Technician
  • Environmental Chemist
  • Environmental Policy & Sustainability Specialist
  • Conservation Scientist

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GIS/Geopatial Technology Program

The geospatial programs are support programs to augment your bachelor’s degree. Completion of one of these programs will provide students with a credential that is in high demand in many different disciplines/industries. The program provides a well-rounded suite of skills including: field-based primary data collection using a variety of survey and global positioning devices; hands-on experience with a variety of geographic information systems including ESRI’s suite of tools; the basics of geospatial analysis; and advanced skill development in interpretation of remote sensing data and aerial photographs, spatial statistics, and geospatial programming. Students may pursue any of the programs in the context of their major.

Testimonials of the Superior Education of Environment Science

“The well rounded scientific education I received from the LSSU Department of Chemistry and Environmental Sciences gave me a definite edge over the competition when applying for jobs and preparing for professional exams. The personal level of instruction combined with the real world experience of the faculty resulted in an engaging environment that made the learning process not only interesting but fun.”

Pete Baril ’03Registered Environmental Health Specialist
My name is Arianna Bishop and I’m from Pinconning, Michigan. I am a senior in the Environmental Science program, and I am also working toward my hazmat certification and an associate’s degree in Geospatial Technology. While here, I have vastly expanded my knowledge in my field of interest, especially through field and lab work. Being located in the Great Lakes Region has allowed for many trips to numerous freshwater systems for study. I have even traveled to the Atlantic Ocean to gain experience in marine systems. And through the state of the art analytical equipment, I am able to process my own samples and understand the results. If I would have gone to a large school, I don’t think I would have had the same opportunities at this stage.
Arianna Bishop ’20

The unique opportunities I received at LSSU set me up for success.  They allowed me to excel in my Ph.D. program, both through a strong academic program, and hands-on research experience.  Currently, I work for the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration near Washington, D.C.

Shelby Brunner ’11B.S. Environmental Chemistry