Course Scheduling Information for Spring Semester 2018

  • Spring Semester 2018 Senior Online Registration begins November 6, 2017 (88+ earned credits)
  • Spring Semester 2018 Junior Online Registration begins November 7, 2017 (56+ earned credits)
  • Spring Semester 2018 Sophomore Online Registration begins November 8, 2017 (26+ earned credits)
  • Spring Semester 2018 Freshmen Online Registration begins November 9, 2017 (0+ earned credits)
  • Spring Semester 2018 Open Registration begins November 10, 2017
  • Additional Important Dates

Currently Enrolled Students


  • November 6 Seniors (88+ earned credits)
  • November 7 Juniors (56-87 earned credits)
  • November 8 Sophomores (26-55 earned credits)
  • November 9 Freshmen (0-25 earned credits)
  • November 10 Open Registration (New, Re-Admitted, Guest & Non-Degree Students)

Open Registration

Open Registration for New, Re-Admitted, Guest & Non-Degree Students registration begins on November 10, 2017, and continues through Monday, January 22, 2018, for the Spring semester classes.

Anyone 18 or older is welcome to enroll part-time (11 credits or less) in classes at LSSU. You do not need to be formally accepted unless you are working toward earning a certificate or degree, seeking financial aid of any kind (Veterans Affairs, Pell Grants, Guaranteed Student Loans, BIA, Basic Grants, etc.), or are NOT a United States citizen or permanent resident.

All stated prerequisite or co-requisite requirements for any courses you wish to register for will need to be satisfied. If you have questions about specific course prerequisite requirements, please consult the current year’s Available Courses or the instructor of the course. You may reach the instructor by calling the academic school responsible for the course.

Regional Center Students

New Students

Accepted students will register for classes during Orientation.


If you have questions, concerns and/or comments regarding the above, please call us at 906-635-2682, email, or visit the Registrar’s Office, located in the Fletcher Center for Student Services.