On-Campus Housing at Lake Superior State University

Immerse Yourself in the University Experience. Come Check Out YOUR Laker Housing experience.

Advantages to Living On-Campus.... convenience. great connections. reinforces academic support. no utility bills. no rolls of quarters for laundry. part of the university experience. we do the cooking!


The Global Leaders Learning Community gives those in it access to leadership retreats, service learning opportunities, and hands-on experience to develops and practice leadership with an in-depth and unique community with a network of peers. At LSSU the Global Leaders Learning Community is located in The Village. By thinking, studying, living and learning with others who share and understand their aspirations, students can maximize both their academic and personal experiences at LSSU.  This community is associated with giving the student the tools and the resources that they need to benefit them in both their professional and personal life and open the doors for more leadership roles on campus.

*The Global Leaders Learning Community is a gender inclusive living environment.*

Our Mission

Our mission is to provide an enjoyable and memorable living experience to Lake Superior State University. In order to offer a cohesive living and learning environment, we maintain high behavioral standards of all students. We strive to uphold a sense of community while giving individualized attention to all on-campus residents.

While living on campus at Lake Superior State University, you’ll have the chance to make long-lasting friendships and to become involved in a wide variety of University activities. Freshmen and sophomore students are required to live on campus. Though not required, juniors and seniors may choose to live on campus.

Contact us at 906-635-2411 or by email at housing@lssu.edu if we can be of assistance!

Check out a little bit of what it’s like living on campus at LSSU.

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To request special accommodations, in addition to filling out the housing application, it is required that you register with the LSSU Office of Accessibility Services. The coordinator of the Accessibility Services will verify your disability and advise housing staff of appropriate accommodation. Housing staff will facilitate the housing accommodation based on application date and availability. Questions about accessible student housing may be directed to Sharmay Wood, Associate Director of Campus Life and Housing.