School of Computer Science and Mathematics

Space Mission and Operations Certificate


This certification program will provide students with a credential that is in high demand in many different disciplines/industries.  The program provides a well-rounded suite of skills including a fundamental understanding of the space environment and orbital dynamics; the role space systems play in our everyday lives including economics, environmental monitoring, and national security; and pragmatic skills involved in the development and operations of space systems.

Students will gain real-world experience through experiential learning at the Homestead Space Operations Complex at Chippewa County International Airport and have opportunities for co-op and internship positions with leading employers in the space industry.  Each class is taught by a combination of LSSU faculty and visiting scholars from the space industry.


  • Demonstrate proficiency in space mission operations and control

  • Explain the fundamentals of Orbital Mechanics

  • Synthesize the planning, execution, and support requirements for real-time space mission operations

  • Demonstrate effectiveness as a team member