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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I receive my bill?

Lake Superior State University sends all billing statements electronically. Students and Authorized Users can view statements, set up payment plans, make payments, and other options in the Bill and Payment Suite which is accessible to students through Anchor Access. Authorized Users will receive an e-mail with a link once their students add them as a user. Please click here for instructions and assistance with using the new system.

When is my bill due?

Fall tuition is due on August 15. Spring tuition is due on December 15. Late fees are assessed on the total account balance if payment is not received by the due date.

What if I cannot pay all at once or am still finalizing my financial aid?

If you cannot pay all at once or are still finalizing your financial aid, we offer a payment plan. To sign up for the payment plan, log in to Anchor Access, then go to Student Billing Information, then Bill and Payment Suite. Select the Payment Plan option from the menu and follow the prompts. There are four payments each semester, beginning on August 15 for fall term and December 15 for spring term.

NOTE: Financial aid cannot be used for payment until it is finalized and listed on your bill as being available for payment. If you do not see your financial aid on your e-bill, please check Anchor Access to see if you have any requirements that are not satisfied.

What if I am not registered for classes before the due date?

If you register for classes after the initial due date for each term, you will be assessed a late registration fee of $100 and payment is due when you register. If you register after the due date, payment is due at the time of registration unless you have made other arrangements with the Business Office.

What happens if I do not pay by the due date?

If you have not paid or signed up for the payment plan by the due date, you will receive an e-mail notification that your courses are subject to cancellation. If you do not respond to the notification by the dates indicated your courses may be cancelled. This process is not considered an official withdrawal from the University and you may still be responsible for charges if you do not officially withdrawal. Please see the withdrawal policies at

Can my parents or someone else call or receive information about my bill?

Students MUST add the person as an "Authorized User" in the Bill and Payment Suite in order for the Business Office to speak with any person other than the student regarding the financial status of their student account. Authorized Users will receive e-mail notifications when new eBills are posted and may contact the Business Office for verbal information if they have been given full access. Authorized Users have their own user name and password to the Bill and Payment Suite and will NOT be able to view anything other than billing information. Academic information such as grades and transcripts is NOT viewable.

If I have financial aid in excess of my charges, how do I receive this money to buy books?

If you have excess financial aid, the first $600 will be refunded the Friday prior to the start of class so that you may purchase books and supplies. Any remaining excess aid is refunded beginning 14 days after courses begin. Please set up direct deposit for the refund of your excess aid by adding the account to your payment profile in the Bill and Payment Suite and selecting it to be used for refunds. NOTE: This direct deposit account is only for refunds from your student account and does not apply to payroll checks. If you do not have direct deposit, your check will be mailed to your local mailing address on file. Housing students will receive check via their campus mailboxes.

How do I access information about my account online?

Each student is assigned an Anchor Access account upon admission to LSSU. You can log in to Anchor Access with your user name and password. In Anchor Access you will be able to view your account information along with various other features.

To view your account information, select the Student tab from the top, and select Student Billing Information from the list. Select the Bill and Payment Suite. For information on using the Bill and Payment Suite, click here.