IRS Form 1098-T

Annually LSSU produces IRS 1098-T forms for the preceding calendar year using the payments made on your tuition account, any adjustments on your tuition account, and any scholarships or grants applied to your tuition account.  The forms are electronically sent to the IRS.  1098-T tax forms will also be available to be viewed or printed from your Anchor Access account.

The Cashier Counter can provide assistance as to how our forms were completed, however, Lake Superior State University and/or its employees or agents, do not give tax advice.  We recommend speaking to a tax preparation professional if you have specific questions about how this form will impact your taxes.

International Tax Forms

IRS Form 1042-S

International Students receiving scholarships/grants may be subject to tax withholding. Please review the

Student Tax Information 1042-S webpage for more information.

Canadian Tax Forms

TL11C – Tuition fees

Student residing in Canada (whole year) near U.S.- Canada border and attending U.S. institution.

Form TL11C is completed to certify eligible tuition fees and the number of months that qualify for the education amount of a student living in Canada throughout the calendar year near the United States border. The student must regularly commute to (and be enrolled at) an educational institution that is a university, college, or other educational institution in the United States which provides courses at a post-secondary level.

Students filing a Canadian tax return will be required to apply to their educational institution to complete and certify Form TL11C in order to be eligible for Canadian tax credits for eligible training.

Tuition fees for the TL11C must be more than CAN $100 for each educational institution.

For more information about tuition fees, please visit the following link:

Form TL11A

The Canadian Tax Form TL11A is used to certify eligible tuition fees and the number of months that qualify for the education amount for a student taking a course at a university outside Canada that lasts at least three consecutive weeks and leads to a degree for the student of at least the bachelor level.

Questions or Assistance:

For more information and frequently asked questions, please view web series Students and Income Tax.  For assistance please contact the Cashier Counter at: 906-635-2600.