Tuition Statements

To confirm your enrollment payment in full is due by August 15, 2024 for the fall semester. Your enrollment may be subject to cancelation if charges on your student account are not satisfied by the due date. All financial activity on your student account can be viewed through the Bill & Payment Suite through Anchor Access. Notification of a new billing statement is sent via e-mail to the student’s LSSU issued e-mail address and any Authorized Users.

Students have the option of adding authorized users to receive statement notifications. To add an authorized user, log in to Anchor Access and go to the Bill and Payment Suite. For more information on using the Bill and Payment Suite, click here.

Payment Arrangements

You can select one of the following two ways to pay your tuition, room and board, and fees.

  1. Payment in Full – Payment can be made online via the LSSU web site at, click on Anchor Access in the Web Services channel. You may pay your balance due by credit card, debit card, savings account or checking account. We accept Visa, Master Card, Discover & American Express. NOTE: Payment in Full is assumed if you do not choose a payment plan option. 
  2. Payment Plan – The University offers a payment plan for educational expenses. The plan consists of four monthly payments and a $25.00 service fee is assessed per semester. To sign up for the payment plan, log in to the Bill and Payment Suite through Anchor Access.

How to Make a Payment


  • Pay Online at – My.LSSU (Anchor Access > Bill and Payment Suite). We accept Visa, Master Card, Discover & American Express credit or debit cards, or you can pay by savings or checking account online.

Parent (Authorized Users)

  • Students MUST add a parent as an “Authorized User” in the Bill and Payment Suite in order to have access to financial information. A parent(Authorized User) will receive e-mail notification when new ebills are posted and may contact the Business Office for verbal billing and payment information if the student authorized full access. A Parent (Authorized User) will have their own username and password to the Bill and Payment Suite and will NOT be able to view anything other than billing information. Academic information such as grades and transcripts is NOT viewable. The parent (Authorized User) will receive an e-mail indicating that the student has given them access to their account. This e-mail will contain a temporary password. Login using the following link: Upon initial login, the parent (Authorized User) will be asked to set up a profile and change their password. The main page will show the current account balance. The current account balance will reflect all activity on the account and may not equal the balance on the last ebill if there have been recent changes. The Current Account Status reflects the real-time balance of the student’s account.

Student and Parent

  • For payment by mail, please send a copy of your statement with payment prior to the due date to:

Lake Superior State University
Cashier’s Office
650 W. Easterday Ave.
Sault Ste. Marie, MI 49783

If you have any questions, please call (906) 635-2600. Payments received after the due date may be assessed a late fee. If your account remains unpaid, the University may assume you are not attending class and may cancel your classes. All funds paid to the University are applied to your current outstanding balance.

Your charges may also include fees for special courses, athletic fee, vehicle registrations, etc., not shown.


  • If you do not make your payment by the due date, you will be charged a 1.5% late penalty fee and your classes may be subject to cancellation. For each month thereafter, you will be charged an additional 1.5% late fee for any outstanding balance and a hold will be placed on your student account until full payment is made.
    • The hold will not allow you to register for classes for the following semester or receive a copy of your University transcript.
  • If your balance is still outstanding after 90 days, your account will be turned over to collections.

Late Payment Fee Appeal

Students who are receiving VA Education Benefits are expected to pay tuition and fees by the payment deadline date established by the University each semester, with exception to the following:

  • Students receiving Post 9/11 Benefits and have a current semester course certification on file in the LSSU Registrar’s Office will automatically receive a deferment on tuition and fee payment until payment arrives from the VA.
  • Students participating in the Vocational Rehabilitation Program, Chapter 31 will not receive late fees for any charges eligible for payment in accordance with VR&E.

Late Registration Fee

Late registration period is defined as the period after the first payment due date for each semester until the close of the six day add/drop period.  For the fall semester, the due date is August 15, 2024. No late registration fees are charged for the summer semester.

If you register in person or by the internet during the late registration period, you will be assessed a $100 late registration fee. Payment of any balance due is payable immediately upon registration. Any unpaid balance prior to the first day of classes may result in the cancellation of all classes.

If you register for classes after the six day add/drop period, the late registration fee will be $200.  To register after the six day add/drop period has closed, you must come to the Business Office and be cleared to register. Payment for all tuition and fees is due at the time of your late registration.