The University will reimburse lodging expenses for:

  1. Trips of 250 miles or more (round trip).
  2. Overnight stays required as part of an approved University business-related event.
  3. As permitted for faculty teaching at Regional Centers.


All University employees traveling on University business must request the “government” rate when making hotel reservations and confirm the “government” rate upon check-in. If the “government” rate is not available, travelers should select the least expensive option available, taking into consideration proximity to the business destination and safety. Travelers must also present a Michigan Sales & Use Tax exemption certificate upon check-in to the lodging establishment.

The maximum single room rate will be reimbursed when a University traveler shares lodging with a non-University person.

Receipts Required

Actual lodging expenses, as evidenced by an original itemized receipt, are reimbursable. A credit card receipt showing only the total amount charged at the hotel is not sufficient. Every effort should be made to ensure that lodging costs are reasonable and appropriate.

The receipt must show:

  • The name and address of the place of lodging and dates of occupancy.
  • Daily room rate and taxes.
  • Details of other charges such as meals, telephone calls, etc.

Room service expenses are reimbursable in accordance with the per diem allowance. In-room internet expenses are allowable when deemed necessary for conducting University business.