Tuition and Fees

Lake Superior State University is one of the most affordable public universities in Michigan. The University is committed to keeping costs as low as possible, providing an excellent education at an affordable price.

When comparing costs with other universities, LSSU offers a flat tuition rate for those taking 12 to 17 credits. This means you can take 17 credit hours for the price of 12, a savings of over $4,680 per year, and over $18,720 in four years!* loan cost calculator

*using 2017-2018 tuition and fees figures


The following costs are for the 2017-2018 academic year and are based on full-time (a minimum of 12 credit hours for undergraduate) attendance for each semester. All costs are subject to change. Your charges may also include fees for special courses, vehicle registrations, etc., not shown.

To view the cost of attendance figures used by the Financial Aid Office to calculate your financial aid budget, please click Cost of Attendance.

All rates listed are effective Fall 2017 – Summer 2018.


Group Per Semester Per Credit Hour
LSSU “One Rate” Tuition*– Undergraduate (12-17 credits) $5,616.00 $468.00
International Tuition– Undergraduate (12-17 credits) $8,424.00 $702.00
Graduate Tuition N/A $540.00

* Charged to residents of North America

Room and Board

Type Fall
Spring Semester Total
Regular room $4,950.25 $4,643.75 $9,594.00
Private room $5,857.75 $5,492.00 $11,349.75
Private room in 2 or 3 bedroom apartment or, Semi-private one bedroom apartment $5,910.75 $5,542.75 $11,453.50
Private apartment $6,230.75 $5,842.50 $12,073.25

*All options listed include meal plan and $47.00 environmental fee.

Audit Class Tuition Rate

Students may audit classes (will receive a final mark of AU (Audit) recorded on their LSSU academic transcript but will NOT receive university credit for the course) at a rate of $234.00 per credit hour.

Senior Citizen Audit Tuition Rate

Senior Citizens (60 years of age and older) may audit courses with no charge for tuition. The registrant is responsible for all associated fees.

Additional fees include:

  • $135 Athletic Fee – The athletic fee is a one-time fee charged to all new, undergraduate, degree-seeking students (excluding teacher education interns, students with an internship/practicum off-campus, dual enrolled students and Regional Center and other distance education students). The fee is assessed once and permits access to all regular session athletic events based on space available for up to six years as long as the student is enrolled.
  • $125 Enrollment Fee – The enrollment fee is a one-time fee charged to partially cover the costs associated with the orientation of new students. The Enrollment Fee is assessed on all new and transfer undergraduate students when they are admitted to a degree program.
  • $65 Student Activity/Media Fee – The SAM fee was requested by the student government and approved by the Board of Trustees to support student government, student activities, the student radio station, and the student newspaper. The Student Activity/Media Fee is a flat fee assessed on all enrolled students except those registered for internship classes, for classes at a Regional Center, or dually-enrolled high school students.

In addition to the standard fees listed here, your charges may also include fees for special courses, vehicle registrations, etc., not shown. View all student fees.