Learning Communities

At the Center for Engaged Teaching and Learning, faculty are able to share experiences and knowledge with colleagues with the purpose of improving instruction and advising. Faculty learning communities, community of practice, or teaching circles, help facilitate this communication. The 2019-2020 school year currently has three active Faculty Learning Communities (FLC), and a Community of Practice anyone is welcome to join in on these discussions.

Contact the Center for Engaged Teaching and Learning (CETAL) at 635-2818, if you are interested in starting a new learning community.

Faculty Learning Communities

Early Career Faculty

Online Teaching & Learning

Scholarship of Teaching and Learning

For more information or if you would like to join an FLC, please contact Cathy White at cwhite9@lssu.edu or Joseph Susi at jsusi@lssu.edu.

Communities of Practice

Teaching Strategies

The sessions are formatted around the book Dynamic Lecturing as faculty will be familiar with one of the authors (Todd Zakrajsek) and the techniques are research-based and fairly easy to implement. Participants will likely see a quick impact on their teaching and that will increase engagement.

Professional Development Day

Professional Development (PD) Day is hosted annually by the Workgroup of the Center for Engaged Teaching and Learning (CETAL).  Throughout the academic year, the workgroup collaborates to identify specific areas of need for professional development in academic advising, use of technology in the classroom, creating student engagement, and much more.