Celebrating Indigenous Culture and Heritage: Lake Superior State University’s Native American Center Announces Winner of Logo Competition

(Sault Ste. Marie, MI) – The Native American Center (NAC) at Lake Superior State University is thrilled to announce the winner of our inaugural logo competition. The competition aimed to capture the essence of diversity, culture, and heritage, and received numerous outstanding entries, making the decision difficult for our panel of judges.

After careful consideration, the winning logo design was created by Grey Shea, an exceptionally talented individual who showcased a deep understanding of Anishinaabe culture and the rich heritage of the Great Lakes region. Grey Shea shared the inspiration behind their design: “I was inspired by Ojibwe floral designs and beadwork, which is another form of art I create, as well as where LSSU resides – Bahweting, the place of the rapids.”

The winning logo uniquely incorporates key elements and symbolism, including the Medicine Wheel, LSSU’s Anchor, and Ojibwe Woodland Florals. “The LSSU anchor is central, but it is surrounded by our medicine wheel, showing the Native American Center’s encompassing focus on Anishinaabe culture. Ojibwe florals are coming out of the anchor, conveying the richness of Anishinaabe culture. The anchor is sitting in water and water spirits (the dots) are surrounding the florals, inspired by our home of Bahweting (the place of the rapids),” explain Shea. 

Dr. Lynn Gillette, Interim President of LSSU added, “The winning logo, and the logo competition itself, is consistent with our Strategic Plan in that it is representative of our strong desire to create a welcoming environment for our students and celebrate the culture of  Indigenous peoples in our region.”

The winning logo encapsulates the influence of Anishinaabe culture with LSSU, fostering a sense of pride and belonging for Anishinaabe and other Native American students. Grey Shea expressed their hope for the logo’s message: “I hope to convey the influence of the surrounding Anishinaabe culture on LSSU’s campus, and a feeling of pride for Anishinaabe and any other Native students.” The Native American Center extends heartfelt congratulations to Grey Shea for their outstanding contribution and for crafting a logo that will become an enduring symbol of the NAC’s mission to celebrate and inspire Indigenous culture and heritage.

For more information about the Native American Center at Lake Superior State University and to view the winning logo, please visit https://www.lssu.edu/nac/.