Lake Superior State University Launches New Cybersecurity Program

(Sault Ste. Marie, MI) –Lake Superior State University (LSSU) proudly announces the launch of its Bachelor of Science in Cybersecurity to begin on August 26th, 2024.  This new and innovative program provides students with a unique combination of skills in criminal justice, computer science and computer networking. The curriculum underscores the systematic administration and design of systems, aiming to shield against cyberattacks, facilitate data recovery, and provide essential information crucial for the investigation and prosecution of cybercrime offenders.In shaping this curriculum, we did extensive research of cybersecurity programs across the state of Michigan,” said Professor Herb Henderson, the Chair of the School of Criminal Justice, Fire Science, and EMS.  “We identified programs that amalgamated computer science and information technology with business, military science, or engineering. However, our program is uniquely designed for students who seek a strong foundation in the fields of investigation and law enforcement.”

LSSU’s program will be focused on hands-on skill development and practical application.  They plan to seek specialized accreditation through the Center of Academic Excellence in Cybersecurity by the Department of Homeland Security and the National Security Agency.  The requirements for accreditation were considered in the design of the curriculum.  LSSU can apply for this accreditation after the program has been in place for three years.

Since 1977, LSSU has been at the forefront of providing comprehensive criminal justice programming. Building on this legacy, the university has additionally offered cutting-edge programs in computer science and computer networking for almost 25 years.  Henderson added, “This program represents a strong collaboration between faculty in criminal justice and computer science.  The demands of the workforce in information warfare, digital forensics, and policy development are becoming more interdisciplinary.  Graduates from this program will secure a well-rounded skill set for a rewarding career.”

The Bureau of Labor Statistics projects a growth of employment in information security of 32% from 2022 to 2032.  “LSSU is laser focused on equipping our graduates for their chosen profession, helping them land their first job, and having the leadership skills needed to be successful,” said Dr. Lynn Gillette, Interim President of LSSU.  “This cybersecurity program fits our mission and the needs of our region well.”

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