LSSU Mission Statement

We equip our graduates with the knowledge, practical skills and inner strength to craft a life of meaningful employment, personal fulfillment, and generosity of self, all while enhancing the quality of life of the Upper Great Lakes region.

Why this mission?

This mission statement captures the passion for student success that permeates LSSU and highlights our distinct strengths. Each word or phrase has special meaning and significance as noted below:

  • “We” – it is not “the” mission, it’s a statement about our mission as a diverse and caring community
  • “equip” – it’s more than prepare, it’s the down-to-earth task of equipping
  • “knowledge” – the breadth of knowledge from the liberal arts tradition is merged with the depth of knowledge from a major in a discipline
  • “practical skills” – from its founding, LSSU has emphasized and been admired for the real-world, hands-on quality of our education that employers repeatedly applaud for having graduates ready to work on day one
  • “inner strength” – our area of the Upper Peninsula is respected for the resilience and steadfastness of its people which is captured by the Finnish word “Sisu” and the Native word “Mashkawazii”
  • “craft” – like practical skills and equip, we believe our graduates have a hands on approach to learning and to shaping the course of their lives
  • “meaningful employment” – LSSU is well-known for the fact that our graduates enter the job market ready to work and progress through their careers through dedication, hard work, and loyalty
  • “personal fulfillment” – the liberal arts tradition empowers LSSU graduates to appreciate the arts, humanities, sciences and social sciences and to become lifelong learners
  • “generosity of self” – more than service to others and civic engagement, LSSU graduates are giving and caring people who appreciate and affirm others
  • “quality of life” – the residents of the Eastern Upper Peninsula need and deserve a university that not only provides educational, cultural, aesthetic, and sports venues, but also vigorously promotes economic development and community health and wellbeing
  • “Upper Great Lakes region” – our location is unlike any other place in North America with access to Lakes Superior, Michigan and Huron

LSSU Vision Statement

We capitalize on our unique location and mission as a regional state university to be a model for educational innovation and a preferred partner for U.S. and Canadian community and tribal colleges.

Why this vision?

This vision statement inspires our stakeholders to build on our strengths, take risks and collaborate. Key phrases have special meaning and significance as noted below:

  • “Capitalize on our unique location” – it’s not just the Upper Great Lakes region, but also the Soo Locks, a stone’s throw from the bridge to Canada, an environmental treasure, and a hunting, fishing, kayaking and hiking enthusiast’s paradise
  • “model for innovation” – our small size, entrepreneurial spirit, and can do attitude inspire us to take risks and serve as a prototype for new ideas or strategies to improve regional public universities
  • “preferred partner for U.S. and Canadian community and tribal colleges” – the only public Michigan university chartered to offer associate degrees that has regional campuses at community colleges in both the Upper Peninsula and Lower Peninsula, as well as collaborative relationships with a tribal community college in the U.S. and a two-year public college in Sault Ste. Marie, Ontario

LSSU Core Values:

Excellence in Teaching and Learning: Teaching is our first priority and focuses on providing student/faculty interaction, learning, and research in current, relevant programs.

Opportunity: Students have a wide range of opportunities to grow academically, professionally, culturally and socially. Opportunities are provided via work-study assignments, student organizations, internships, community outreach and leadership.

Diversity: Students experience a campus community environment that is inclusive and welcoming.

Ethics and Values: The university promotes an environment which values freedom of expression, the pursuit of truth, honesty, openness, and courteous behavior where everyone is treated with respect.

Stewardship: LSSU provides a framework in which to leave the university and region financially and environmentally sound for future generations of LSSU students, alumni, and friends.

Institutional Learning Outcomes:

  •  Formal Communication

Students will develop and clearly express complex ideas in written and oral presentations.

  • Use of Evidence

Students will identify the need for, gather, and accurately process the appropriate type, quality, and quantity of evidence to answer a complex question or solve a complex problem.

  • Analysis and Synthesis

Students will organize and synthesize evidence, ideas, or works of imagination to answer an open-ended question, draw a conclusion, achieve a goal, or create a substantial work of art.

  • Professional Responsibility

Students will demonstrate the ability to apply professional ethics and intercultural competence when answering a question, solving a problem, or achieving a goal.

Approved by the Board of Trustees, November 3, 2017.