LSSU Mission Statement

We equip our graduates with the knowledge, practical skills, and inner strength to craft a life of meaningful employment, personal fulfillment, and generosity of self within an inclusive atmosphere, all while enhancing the quality of life of the Great Lakes region and the world.

LSSU Vision Statement

We believe in an innovation-driven, transformative education for all. We identify potential, enable success, drive social mobility, and develop students into professionally prepared graduates who excel locally, nationally and globally.

LSSU Core Values:

Excellence in Teaching and Learning: Student learning is our first priority and focuses on providing student/faculty interaction, learning, and research in current, relevant programs.

Opportunity: Students have a wide range of opportunities to grow academically, professionally, culturally and socially. Opportunities are provided via work-study assignments, student organizations, internships, community outreach and leadership.

Diversity: Students experience a campus community environment that is inclusive and welcoming.

Ethics and Values: The University promotes an environment that values freedom of expression, the pursuit of truth, honesty, openness, and courteous behavior where everyone is treated with respect.

Stewardship: LSSU provides a framework in which to leave the university and region financially and environmentally sound for future generations of LSSU students, alumni, and friends.

Institutional Learning Outcomes:

Institutional Learning Outcomes are the knowledge, skills, abilities, and attitudes that students are expected to develop as a result of their overall experiences with any aspect of the university, including courses, programs, student services, and extracurricular engagement.

  •  Formal Communication

Students will develop and clearly express complex ideas in written and oral presentations.

  • Use of Evidence

Students will identify the need for, gather, and accurately process the appropriate type, quality, and quantity of evidence to answer a complex question or solve a complex problem.

  • Analysis and Synthesis

Students will organize and synthesize evidence, ideas, or works of imagination to answer an open-ended question, draw a conclusion, achieve a goal, or create a substantial work of art.

  • Professional Responsibility

Students will demonstrate the ability to apply professional ethics when answering a question, solving a problem, or achieving a goal.

  • Intercultural Competency

Students will display knowledge of, and interact effectively with, members of groups whose identities, beliefs, behaviors, and values differ from their own.

Approved by the Board of Trustees, April 24, 2020.