The mission of the Honors Program at Lake Superior State is to provide an important dimension of the University’s strong commitment to excellence in teaching and learning. The Honors Program seeks to create a community of scholars characterized by strong student and faculty interaction.

This community fosters an approach to education that incorporates

  • Qualities of self-directed learning,
  • Positive response to demanding work
  • An appreciation of knowledge for its own sake


Honors Program graduates

  • Know their disciplines in more distinctive and demonstrable ways than their peers.
  • Think about their own primary fields of study and other disciplines in integrative ways.
  • Apply knowledge to address contemporary problems and communicate their contributions through effective speech and writing.

Message from the Director

The Honors Program is a unique program on a unique campus. We take motivated students, and, through our close work with them, we help those students to bring their own gifts to fruition. We require much of our students: academic focus, leadership, and conscientiousness. The Michigan Honors Association conference, the Fall retreat, and the Senior Thesis experience have become hallmarks of our Program in recent years. I look forward to our being joined by the future honors students, who will inherit our traditions and shape our future.

Dr. Swedene