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Regional Educators and Administrators Learn Methods of “Building Bridges: Creating Pathways for Superior Success” at 2023 Upper Peninsula Teaching and Learning Conference to Be Held at Lake Superior State University on May 15–16

UPTLC logo for 2023

Educators and administrators at regional K–12 schools and higher education institutions will learn ways of “Building Bridges: Creating Pathways for Superior Success” at the 2023 Upper Peninsula Teaching and Learning Conference (UPTLC) to be held May 15–16 at Lake Superior State University.

UPTLC includes 28 breakout sessions on that theme, including improving access to success, creating engaging classrooms, and enhancing educational strategies. Dr. Christy Price, an award-winning professor and administrator at Dalton State College and a nationally recognized authority on innovative teaching, will give the plenary talk, “The Ultimate Course Is Not an Illusion: Creating Courses of Excellence,” and run a pre-conference workshop, “Why Don’t My Students Think I’m Groovy? The New R’s For Engaging Modern Learners.”

“Lake State is excited to host educators from all over the region to learn from each other in invigorating and cutting-edge ways,” said LSSU Interim President Dr. Dr. Lynn G. Gillette. “I am particularly interested in hosting Dr. Christy Price as the plenary and pre-conference speaker, as she will work with attendees to create courses of excellence. Conference attendees will gain knowledge and strategies to increase student learning and even better prepare our students for successful careers.”

“UPTLC offers inventive, transformative techniques to engage teachers and learners and, in the process, refine primary, secondary, and collegiate academics for participants from Northern WI, all of the U.P., and all of MI, along with Northern Ontario,” said Marc Boucher, director of library and academic services at LSSU. “The goal is to broaden, deepen, and share expertise to benefit our regional students in higher education and K-12 settings.”

Started in 2017, UPTLC celebrates and examines the practice and scholarship of teaching and learning in primary, secondary, and higher education through a combination of comprehensive presentations, concurrent sessions, poster sessions, and a pre-conference workshop. Educators explore trends, strategies, and best practices in teaching. Michigan Technological University and Northern Michigan University have hosted earlier conferences.

Conference: $75; preconference: $35. On-campus housing: $45 per person per night. Register at http://uptlc.org.