Norris Events Center Building Rules

  • All activities cease at closing
  • Loud, profane, and or abusive language and/or music is prohibited
  • All emergencies and injuries must be reported to an University Recreation staff member or Public Safety at (906)635-2100
  • Children under the age of 14 must be accompanied and supervised by a parent or guardian
  • Sports equipment to be used only in designated areas
  • No smoking in building
  • No bikes, skateboards, roller skates or rollerblades allowed to be used within the building
  • LSSU is not responsible for lost or stolen items
  • You are participating in activities at your own risk
  • Parking Passes Are Only Needed During Fall and Spring Semesters and Between 7:00am and 5:00pm During the School Year they may be purchased at the Norris Guest Information Desk for $10.00 per semester.

Failure to comply with the rules listed may be cause for dismissal, suspension or loss of membership.

Dress Code and Facility Specific Rules

Student Activity Center Rules

  • Users must present an ID and be confirmed to use the facility
  • Sealed drinks only
  • Track members only on track equipment

Fitness Center/Weight Room

  • Put away all weights when you are done with them
  • No weights outside weight area (keep on inside of half wall)
  • No personal equipment allowed
  • Proper attire required
  • Do not drop or slam weights on floor
  • Wipe down equipment after use
  • Alert University Recreation staff member of damaged equipment or improper use of equipment

Track Rules

  • Walk/Run in the proper designated direction
  • Be aware of “blind corners” when curtains are down
  • No weights on track
  • Track is for walking/jogging/running only

Court Rules

  • Restrict activities to court boundaries(don’t go onto track)
  • No weights on courts
  • Be aware of “blind corners” when curtains are down

Ice Arena Rules

  • No one without a current high school picture I.D. or driver’s license is allowed to use the ice arena without an adult (18 years or older), parent, or guardian with them at all times.
  • Running, pushing, hitting, spitting or dangerous horseplay are not allowed.
  • Rollerblading is not allowed.
  • Floor hockey is not allowed.
  • Rough, loud, and unseemly language or conduct is NOT allowed.
  • Use of arena suites (including the seats outside the suites) is allowed only to individuals possessing a key to the suites
  • No persons, sticks or pucks are allowed on the ice surface while the zamboni is on the ice and the zamboni area doors are open.
  • No smoking is allowed in the building.
  • All persons attending scheduled games or other events in the area must be able to produce a ticket stub, stamp, pass, or other applicable proof of legal admittance upon request of arena monitors

Dress Code

LSSU University Recreation now has a dress code to promote a safe and welcoming environment at our facilities. Starting August 15, 2017 shirts exposing the rib cage, midriff, and lower back will no longer be allowed in select areas of the Norris Center facilities. Additionally khaki shorts, jeans, and other non-athletic lower-body apparel are prohibited. Proper footwear, non-marking, athletic, closed-toed shoes are also required. Rationales for this change and frequently ask questions appear below.

Rationale for Change:

This dress code is enforced to create a welcoming and comfortable environment, to prevent disease transmission, and to prolong the life of equipment. Using clothing as a barrier between an individual and fitness equipment reduces the chances of acquiring an illness or infection (MRSA, ringworm, etc.) and also protects the equipment from degradation from sweat and body oils. Although clothing is an additional barrier, we still expect patrons to use our cleaning wipes after machine use on all contact areas.

Frequently Asked Questions:

1.) When does this policy start? August 15, 2017

2.) Where is this policy enforced? The shirt policy will be enforced in all areas of the Norris Events Center including: the Student Activity Center (fitness area, multi-use courts, climbing wall, track), Dance Studio, Racquetball Courts, ect. Additionally pants or shorts made of “athletic material” must be worn in the SAC fitness area.

3.) What areas are exempt from this policy? Jeans and khaki pants are allowed to be worn at the climbing wall, dance studio, racquetball courts, and multi-use courts/track in the Student Activity Center.

4.) What shirts are allowed? Any shirt covering the entire midriff/abdomen/ribs and lower back. Shirts with altered sleeves allowing for a hole less than 4 inches from the arm pit, shirts manufactured to be a tank top (with the 4″ or less openings), or “racer back” style shirts are acceptable attire.

5.) What shirts are not allowed? Any shirt with holes/openings exposing any part of the torso except for a 4-inch opening under the arm, and a 4-inch opening around the neck.

6.) What types of pants/shorts are allowed? Any pant or short made of “athletic material” cinched with drawstring or elastic at the waist. The waist band of the pants/shorts must touch the bottom of the shirt. The bottom of the pants/shorts must cover the entire buttocks.

7.) What types of pants/short are not allowed? Any pant or short made of jean, khaki, or other non-athletic material. Any pant or short cinched with drawstring or elastic that does not touch the bottom of the shirt, or not covering the entire buttocks.

8.) What types of shoes are allowed? Any shoe designed for athletic use with “closed toes” and non-marking soles.

9.) What types of shoes are not allowed? Any open-toed shoe, boots with or without marking soles, backless shoes, slippers, or crocs.

10.) What if I wear an incorrect apparel item? Participants violating the any portion of this policy will be asked to leave the facility and change into attire that meets the facility dress code.