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  • Team Building

  • Examining Parasitic Sea Lamprey with U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service

    LSSU Summer Camps Lamprey
  • Relaxing at Big Pine Beach on Lake Superior

  • Prepping an immuno-elctropheresis apparatus

    LSSU Summer Camps High School Lab
  • Sampling for Asian Carp DNA

    LSSU Summer Camp DNA Sample
  • Forensics Lab Investigations

  • Admiring the natural beauty of Michigan’s Upper Peninsula at Tahquamenon Falls

  • CPR Training

  • Electrofishing apparatus to catch fish

    LSSU Summer Camps High School Electrofishing
  • Creative Writing Camp

  • Careers in Natural Resources

    Careers in Natural Resources
  • LSSU’s Medical Simulation Center

    SIM Center monitoring patient progress