Head Injury and Concussion Awareness

University Recreation requires that its participants have an awareness and knowledge of the risks associated with head injuries and concussions. It is the role of the whole UREC Program; including all of its professional staff, student staff, and participants to serve an active role in concussion prevention, recognition and treatment.

There are trained University Recreation staff present at many events that head injury/concussions can be reported to and can provide recommendations. Although none of these parties have the authority to diagnose a concussion, all have the authority to withhold participants suspected of a concussion or other injury from participation, refer to advanced medical care, or call for emergency care.

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A concussion is a brain injury altering brain functions typically for a temporary amount of time.  A concussion can occur from any hit to the body or head. It typically occurs when a forceful blow results in rapid head movement resulting in brain function alterations. If anyone is suspected of sustaining a head injury/concussion, activity should be stopped and medical treatment should be pursued.