How well are you?

Want a quick assessment of your wellness strengths? Need to know where your gaps might be? Respond to each question using the scale below:

Mind & Body

1= Never 2=Sometimes 3=Frequently 4=Always

___ I apply knowledge of nutrition, fitness, and personal hygiene in my daily life.

___ I consult health care professionals when self care steps have failed to remedy my ailment.

___ I understand how my thoughts and feelings affect my well-being.

___ I make informed, responsible decisions related to alcohol and other substances.

___ I utilize healthy strategies for managing my stress.


1= Never 2=Sometimes 3=Frequently 4=Always

___ I am mindful and respectful of others.

___ I recognize the impact that my personal choices have on my community.

___ I concern myself with the welfare of others and act out of care.

___ I let my friends know when I am concerned about the choices they are making.

___ I participate in service/volunteer opportunities.

Meaning & Purpose

1= Never 2=Sometimes 3=Frequently 4=Always

___ I actively explore questions regarding ethical, spiritual and moral values with peers, advisors and mentors.

___ My actions are consistent with my personal beliefs.

___ I have a strong sense of where I want to be in five years.

___ I make time for quiet reflection about my goals and my contributions to others.

___ I am able to analyze my strengths and weaknesses in an honest fashion.


1= Never 2=Sometimes 3=Frequently 4=Always

___ I recognize when and where to get assistance from campus academic resources.

___ I understand what constitutes as academic integrity.

___ I broaden my knowledge by taking courses and/or reading about topics that are new to me.
___ I integrate classroom topics into conversations with others.

___ I attend events and activities that help me cultivate an appreciation for the arts.


1= Never 2=Sometimes 3=Frequently 4=Always

___ I seek to learn about, interact with, and co-exist with people whose identity and beliefs differ from mine.

___ I have friends who come from different cultural backgrounds.

___ I seek information from a variety of sources to better inform my view of the world.

___ I engage in conversations about world events and current social issues.

___ I attend campus/community events that expose me to different cultures.


1= Never 2=Sometimes 3=Frequently 4=Always

___ I establish and maintain satisfying interpersonal relationships.

___ I feel a sense of belonging.

___ I communicate opinions, thoughts, and feelings with civility.

___ I carefully consider my limits and values before engaging in intimate behaviors.

___ I create time for fun.

Life Skills

1= Never 2=Sometimes 3=Frequently 4=Always

___ I manage my money well including planning for short term, long term, and emergency expenses.

___ I create life and career goals that connect to my interests, experiences, and strengths.

___ I manage my day-to-day tasks and responsibilities without relying on help from others.

___ I consider the environmental impact of my life choices.

___ I successfully balance my commitments to school, work, involvement, and leisure.


Do you see some areas of strength? Are there some gaps you would like to address?

  1. If your total score in any one dimension is 12 or less, visit to explore campus resources that can help you more fully develop the dimension(s) of interests to you.
  2. Consider returning to this quiz at the end of the semester or academic year to see how you might answer differently.
  3. Once you’ve identified some targets, consider setting SMART goals.


Specific– Target the behavior or action you desire; answer who, what, when, where, why.

Measurable– Establish criteria so you will know when you’re done.

Attainable– Choose an objective toward which you are both willing and able to work.

Realistic– Aim high but be sensible. Only you will know where to draw this line.

Time-based– Set within a time-frame to create a sense of urgency; review your goals regularly.

Really SMART goals are written down!

You Decide

Which goal statements meet the SMART criteria above?

___ I want to do better in school next term

___ I will have the first draft of my  biology research paper done by October 27 (two weeks in advance of the deadline) in order to consult with a peer tutor in the Learning Center and in time to make revisions.

___ I will get in shape by visiting the SAC regularly.

___ Between January 15 and March 10, I will get 30 minutes of exercise at least four days each week.

___ I need to add adventure into my life!

___ I will set aside $5.00 out of each paycheck to cover the cost of the Program Board’s skydiving trip scheduled for next April.