Questions Related to Parents

How much will I have to pay for tuition?

A PSA may not charge tuition.

Who provides transportation to a PSA?

A PSA is considered a local school district and is responsible for following the same legislative guidelines for transporting students as a local traditional school district. If the PSA does provide transportation to its enrolled pupils, it must follow the provisions of the Revised School Code (MCL 380.1321) and the Pupil Transportation Act, 1990 PA 187. For further information on transportation issues, please contact Sue Howell at 517/373-6388.

What question should a parent ask a charter school representative before choosing to send their child to that school?

All charter schools are different, even if they use the same curriculum. Visit the school and ask questions about the school’s educational program, leadership (governing board and administration), faculty, and policies. Most schools will provide a Parent/Student Handbook, which includes general information.