Our Philosophy

We believe in authorizing through the lens of an educator, realizing students are more than academic performance or financial incentives. True authorizing takes into account the whole child, whole academy, and whole community while recognizing the importance of increased performance and sustainability.

Our Vision

We envision an educational system in Michigan that provides families with diverse educational opportunities that allow for each child to flourish and find his/her place in the global community.

Our Mission

To ensure quality oversight and support to our authorized charter academies resulting in students who are prepared for the next phase of life whether it be attending college, the military, or entering the workforce.


We Value

Excellence in Teaching and Learning

Our first priority is high-quality instruction and positive educational outcomes.  We focus on building relationships that promote academic excellence.


The students and staff that are affiliated with LSSU CSO authorized academies have access to a wide range of opportunities to grow academically, professionally, culturally, and socially.

Accountability and Autonomy

We believe in holding our stakeholders and ourselves accountable for the results of decisions and actions that influence performance.


We recognize the uniqueness of individuals, academies, and communities.  Their diverse perspectives and experiences enrich the educational experience for all stakeholders.

Ethics and Principles

We promote an environment of transparency, honesty, respectful and courteous behavior where everyone is appreciated and empowered.


We intentionally operate in a sustainable way in order to leave our academies sound for future generations of charter students, alumni, and friends