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"I graduated from LSSU in Mechanical Engineering in 1999, and have since had a heavy focus in robotics and systems integration. I spent my first 7 years with FANUC in Rochester Hills as a product manager, and have since worked for Hartness International managing a robotic automation group. We continue to grow at a rapid pace, and will integrate 60+ robots this year and see no slow down in sight. My experience at LSSU has enabled me to take charge in this challenging and growing market."

Matt Job Business Unit Manager Automation Group Hartness International

School of Engineering & Technology

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Check out our Robotics Summer Camps for Young Men and Women entering grades 8-12.

FIRST Scholarship providerHave you been active in FIRST Robotics, Tech or LEGO League? Apply for one of our Robotics Scholarships

Members of our faculty and students mentor three area high school FRC teams. We are an FRC Kick-off site and hold a Qualifying Tournament for FIRST LEGO League.

We've got robots...

Trace Hill with FANUC LR MateLake Superior State University is one of the top public universities in the United States with an industrial automated robotics systems specialization at the undergraduate level. Companies involved in robotics and automation specifically seek out our graduates.

Our Robotics and Automation Laboratory was recognized by TAC of ABET as one of the most complete and advanced of its kind in the country. It is one of the best educational facilities in North America with modern equipment including vision systems, sensors and rotary index tables, using a variety of software and programmable logic controllers (PLCs). Limited enrollment provides you plenty of personal experience with state-of-the-art equipment.

More than 75 percent of our engineering classes have a laboratory component, including robotics, using industrial grade equipment. Our Robotics and Automation Laboratory features robots manufactured by:

Students in Computer, Electrical and Mechanical Engineering can work toward an option in Robotics and Automation. Those majoring in Manufacturing Engineering Technology and Electrical Engineering Technology are eligible to earn a minor in Robotics Technology. The Industrial Technology program features courses and technical electives focusing on robotics and programming.



Staubli Simulation SoftwareOur class of Stäubli robots is among the fastest and most articlated with six degrees of freedom. The work cell features four robots with shared rotary index tables and a Bosch continuous palletizing conveyor system that operate as an 8-station system. The line includes tool changing systems, end-of-arm devices, and vision systems. They are operated by programmable logic controllers (PLCs) using DeviceNet and VAL3 software.

Prof. Jim Devaprasad goes through a software package with summer robotics camp lab assistants to prepare a demonstration that assembles and disassembles model zambonis.




FANUC Oval Line workcell

The robots of our FANUC oval line are part of the Arcmate family with six degrees of freedom. The workcell is surrounded by an oval track with four robots working together as an 8-station system. Activities are coordinated between the robots with a continuous conveyor system. Karel software is used for programming this workcell.

Our most recent circular workcell has FANUC LR Mates, an M-liA parallel link robot fondly known as the "spider bot", and an M-6iB. The system is equipped with Cognex vision systems. Team AIM's 2012-13 demo of their workcell assembles and verifies solar cell arrays. Team A-VIS of 2013-14 developed new program for the work cell along with new grippers for a proof of concept demonstration.






new FANUC rotary work cellSr Project team A-VIS











Second place

Design Competition Senior project Team Rock Rover Design & Development qualified to advance to the international student design competition on November 18, 2009.

ASME Student Design Expositions provide a platform for all engineering students to showcase their innovative design and build projects to a broad audience. Bringing practicing engineers, faculty and students into one venue, this program also provides educational and professional development opportunities for exhibitors as well as spectators. For students, it is an opportunity to demonstrate their products or present their design concepts to potential employers and even investors. For industry leaders, the Expos are like career fairs in reverse; an opportunity to observe the landscape of student design, get to know extraordinary engineering students in the region and see first-hand the innovative ideas and skills students can bring to their companies.

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