BigBlueButton Recommendations

If you need assistance with any of the following checks, please call the Helpdesk (906) 635 – 6677, Mon – Fri 8:00 am – 5:30 pm.

1. Wired connection recommended

A user may have very good experience with wireless internet, but if others hear their audio as broken or choppy, that user can either move closer to the wireless base station, try a different wireless network, or (best) connect directly to a wired connection.

Using public WiFi is not always best. It may be OK for surfing the web, but the latency and packet loss might be insufficient for real-time transmission of audio or video.

2. Computer system checks

Is your computer a dual-core CPU with at least 2G of memory? Follow the directions below to check if you meet the recommendation.

Click on the Start button

Right-click on Computer and select Properties as shown below:

If the Processor says it is Dual Core or Duo CPU (as highlighted in the pic below) or something similar you have a Dual Core CPU.

Also check to see if your Installed Memory (RAM) is at least 2 GB.

3. Browser checks

Internet Explorer is not one of the recommended browsers. Does your computer have the latest version of Chrome and Firefox? Follow the directions below to check your browser version.

Firefox version check:

Select Help and About Firefox from your drop-down list

About Menu

Does the screen display Firefox is up to date – as highlighted in the pic below? If not your Firefox browser needs to be updated.

Firefox Version

Chrome Version Check:

Select the Customize icon (the icon that looks like three vertical dots) highlighted below.

From the drop-down list select Help and About Google Chrome.

The version is listed on the screen that appears. If your screen does not display “Google Chrome is up to date“, you would have to update your Chrome browser.