Organize your course list – Hide courses that you do not use

Log into Moodle

1. Select the button Customize this page as shown below:

Custom Page Link

2. Drag the move icon (second red box in the picture below) that displays to the left of your course to a new location. Typically you might want to move the course name to the top of your course list.

Select the number of courses to display based on the number of Fall 2016 classes you have listed on the course listing.

Students, please note: All courses are hidden by default.  Your professor will make it visible when they are ready to share the course with the students. Until then, you will not see your course listed in the course listing.

Faculty, please note: If you do not see your courses listed, you might have to scroll down your course listing and select the link 

Display Option Buttons

If you have any questions, please send an email to