Supplemental Instruction

Group of students sitting around a round table with papers in front of them

Supplemental Instruction (SI) is an academic support program that uses peer-assisted study sessions to enhance student success in larger, historically difficult courses at LSSU. SI sessions are regularly scheduled out-of-class review/study discussion sessions that are open to any student enrolled in a course for which SI is offered (attendance is voluntary).

Supplemental Instruction sessions are facilitated by SI Leaders, students who have successfully completed the course(s) for which SI is offered and come with recommendation of the professor. SI leaders conduct informal study sessions based on the needs of the students who attend; students may compare and develop their class notes, discuss reading or lecture content, develop study materials, prepare and take sample quizzes by predicting test questions. The SI leader may provide study guides or sample problems for students to work with during or outside of the sessions.

For more information on the SI program at LSSU please email .

SI session hours vary by course and semester.

Course Offerings

  • BIOL 121, 131, & 132
  • CHEM 108, 115, & 116
  • CSCI 105 & 201
  • MATH 207
  • NURS 213

Please see the full schedule below for session times and locations.

Special SI Sessions may be announced in class which will not show up on the schedule. Please contact your SI leader to confirm extra sessions.

Spring 2021 SI Schedule

Check back soon for session times and locations!

Course Session Times Format Location SI Leader
BIOL 122 – Human Anatomy & Physiology II On campus Riley Collins
Leah Ritacco
BIOL 131 – General Biology: Cells On campus Keegan Hoose
BIOL 132 – General Biology: Organisms On campus Matthew Kurin
CHEM 108 – Applied Chemistry On campus Keegan Hoose
CHEM 115 – General Chemistry I On campus Keegan Hoose
CHEM 116 – General Chemistry II On campus Matthew Kurin
CSCI 105 – Intro to Computer Programming &
CSCI 121 – Principles of Programming


On campus
Lindsey McCullough
NURS 213 – Fundamentals of Nursing On campus Natalie Johnson
NURS 327 – Adult Nursing I
On campus
Kirk Smallegan