Residence Hall Safety

Residence halls consist of dormitory-style, two- and four-person rooms, apartments, townhouses, trailers, and fully equipped houses. With approximately 1,000 residents, Lake State takes residence hall security very seriously. The Public Safety Department, along with the Campus Life Office, Residence Life and Housing Office and resident hall staff combines to provide residents with the safest living conditions possible. As a resident, there are helpful precautions that can be made to ensure your safety.

Hall Security

  • Do not prop open doors that are meant to be shut and/or locked.
  • Report any suspicious persons in your hall to the Public Safety Department.
  • Do not tamper with fire protection and suppression equipment.

Room Security

  • Keep your door locked when you are out of your room or when you are sleeping.
  • Keep valuables locked in a safe place within your room.
  • Mark or engrave all valuables with your driver’s license number.
  • Record all serial numbers from such items as stereos, TVs, VCRs, etc.
  • Report all theft, no matter how trivial, to the Public Safety Department.
  • Do not lend your keys to anyone. This both jeopardizes your safety as well as the safety of your roommates.
  • Report all lost keys immediately.

If you have any questions or concerns about crime prevention on campus, we encourage you to contact any of the officers of the Public Safety Department. We will be more than happy to help provide whatever assistance you may need.