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Jan. 19, 2021 – Spring Semester 2021 classes begin.

Jan. 26, 2021 –  Last day to add and drop classes at 100% refund.

Jan. 30, 2021 – Deadline for Summer 2021 graduation

Mar. 1, 2021 – Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) due (code 002293)

Mar. 15, 2021 – Fall 2021 Course Schedule viewable online.

Apr. 2, 2021 – Last day to drop full-semester classes.

Apr. 5, 2021 – Fall 2021 Online Registration begins

Apr. 23, 2021 – Classes end

Apr 26 – 30, 2021 – Final Examinations for Spring Semester 2021

Apr. 30, 2021 – End of Spring Semester 2021

May 6, 2021 – Final Grades for Spring Semester 2021 viewable in Anchor Access

LSSU Financial Aid

Deadline for priority aid is Mar. 1, 2021

Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) due (code 002293)

Resources for K-12 Students

Early Middle College

The Eastern Upper Peninsula Early College Program is a partnership between LSSU and the constituent school districts of the Eastern Upper Peninsula Intermediate School District. This five year high school program allows a student to earn a high school diploma and college credits leading up to an associate’s degree from LSSU or a Michigan Early/Middle College Association (MEMCA) technical certificate.

There is no tuition cost to parents or students.


Welcome Letter from the GEAR UP Coordinator

I would like to take this opportunity to introduce myself.  My name is Lisa Repa and I am currently the GEARUP/KCP College Day Coordinator at Lake Superior State University.  I am trying to re-implement the program back to its original standing, while ensuring that any student that is eligible for the program(s) is allowed to participate and benefit from them.

I have met with faculty and counselors from both local middle and high schools, as well as other surrounding area schools to go over planned activities as well as to start planning other programs/camps, to help students plan for a post-secondary educational path.  The MI GEAR UP program is a solid opportunity for students to get the help they need in an educational capacity, as well as having the opportunities to earn scholarships to put towards their college education.

Resources for LSSU Students

Academic Success Center

The Academic Success Center (ASC) provides free academic support to all Lake State students. Their goal is to assist students in finding academic success while building their confidence, independence, and self esteem.

Visit their website for more information – lssu.edu/academic-services/academic-success-center/

Check out these options for academic support.


Work with a tutor in a small group setting to get extra support in any of your 100 or 200 level classes.

Writing Center

Stop in for a quick question or book an appointment to work directing with one of our writing tutors during a 30 minute appointment. Appointments are required for assignments over eight pages.

Math Center

Students may stop by for drop in math tutoring for MATH 087-MATH 151 and MATH 207- no appointment needed!

Supplemental Instruction (SI) courses offer additional support to students in some of LSSU’s most historically challenging courses from a successful upper-class student.

ALEKS Math Program

Two options for satisfying the beginning math pre and corequisites.

Fall 2020 Hours

Monday-Thursday 8:00 AM-9:00 PM, Friday 8:00 AM-3:00 PM
Sunday 5:00 PM-9:00 PM


The ASC is located on the main floor of the Kenneth J. Shouldice Library.

First Year Experience

The mission of FYRE is to support the sense of belonging, transition, and adjustment to university life and help you build a community of friends and mentors while learning the skills to gain a foundation for you to be successful in your college career.  This is created for first year students to help in the transition to Lake Superior State University.


Through the FYRE experience, Lakers will be able to:

  • Comprehension– Identify campus resources that support a student success
  • Application– Demonstrate an ability to make positive choices that support wellbeing
  • Analysis– Identify passions through university co-curriculars, intramural, club sport, or student organizations.
  • Synthesis– Develop meaningful relationships with peers

Information on Student Organizations

Starting a Student Organization

Starting a student organization is a great way to get involved on campus!  The best part – it only take 5 students to start a student organization!  Can’t find 5 interested students right away?  No worries – contact the Campus Life Office () in 125 Cisler Center so we can assist you.  Once you’re ready – fill out the form below to register!

Laker Success iPASS

Who should see the IPASS Coordinator?

  • Students struggling academically
  • Students who feel nervous about starting college
  • Students who struggle with time management
  • Students who need help finding resources on campus
  • Students who want a little help navigator their college journey
  • Any student who feels they could benefit from a personal academic plan

What is an IPASS Coordinator?

  • The IPASS Coordinator’s goal is to help students find success in college, however they define it.  By encouraging students to gain skills, learn time management, and find the resources they need, the IPASS Coordinator can help make the transition to college more manageable.
  • The IPASS Coordinator works with students who are struggling academically and helps them come up with a plan.

On-Campus Housing

We’re here to support you!

Students who live on campus at LSSU get better grades and are more likely to graduate than those who don’t. Look deeper and you’ll understand the reasons why: a sense of belonging, lifelong friendships, academic support, and community. That’s a true superior advantage for your future career and endeavors. Our Laker Success program provides programming and support in our residence halls to help keep you on track. Engage in one of our 60+ student organizations, club sports, or recreation activities to help discover something new.  Build leadership skills by participating in activities and organizations on campus and within housing communities.

Multiple amenities included

LSSU provides many amenities to help you feel at home. Digital cable TV service is included in the room rates and offers an expanded basic package for High Definition TVs.  Each building has access to laundry facilities with multiple washers and dryers for use with the cost being included in your environmental fee.  Internet access and WiFi is offered throughout all of our buildings for you to use.  Bring your streaming device or gaming system and simply hook up! Our on-campus maintenance department oversees the plumbing, heating, water, electricity and more so you have no added worries.

Safety and security

The overall health and safety of the students of Lake Superior State University is the main concern of the Public Safety Department. This department works closely with the Campus Life Office, as well as the Title IX Office, to ensure the safety of students, faculty, staff, and visitors. The majority of our living centers feature card access security.

The Lake Superior State University Campus Public Safety Department is located on the first floor of the Administration Building on the campus of LSSU. Public Safety Officers are on duty 24 hours a day, seven days a week, 365 days a year. The department is staffed by full-time officers and student officers.

On-campus housing is required for all students within 27 months of high school graduation.

Check out more information at lssu.edu/housing.


Find more information – lssu.edu/registrar/scheduling/

Reminder!! – You must meet with your advisor prior to scheduling.  Each student has a ‘WEB ADVISOR HOLD’ on their account prior to registration.  Your advisor can remove the hold.

Current students may register as of their time ticket date or any time thereafter through the sixth day of the Fall or Spring semesters (fourth day for Summer or Winter semesters).  Remember, your time ticket is based on earned credits only.  As an example, if you are registered for 15 credit hours this semester and have 50 earned credits, the system will only recognize the 50 earned credits.  If you are trying to access the registration system before your time ticket allows, you will receive the error message:  “You are not permitted to register at this time.”

Student Engagement Center

Room 100, Walker Cisler Center
Monday-Thursday 9 AM – 7 PM
Friday 9 AM – 5 PM

Areas of Support
Campus involvement –> Campus connection –> Academic skills program –> Mentoring –> Tutoring –> Comfortable study spaces –> …and so much more!

Study Lounges


located in Brady Hall (basement)
Open to all residents of Brady Hall 24/7.  This study lounge is staffed by Resident Success Coaches (hours vary).  Check back for an updated schedule.

The Aquarium

located in Osborn Hall (large side basement)
Open to all residents of Osborn Hall 24/7.  This study lounge is staffed by Resident Success Coaches (hours vary).  Check back for an updated schedule.

The Club House

located in The Village, Tower C3
Open to all residents of The Village 24/7.  This study lounge is staffed by Resident Success Coaches (hours vary).  Check back for an updated schedule.

Student Engagement Center

located in room 100, Walker Cisler Center
Open to all Lakers!  Monday-Thursday 9 AM – 7 PM and Friday 9 AM – 5 PM.  The engagement center is staffed by Commuter Coaches for Success.  Academic programming is also provided.

Success Coaches

For more information – visit lssu.edu/lakersuccess

We want every student to succeed in their academic pursuits and have a positive university experience.

The Laker Success program has Resident Success Coaches (RSC) and Commuter Coaches for Success (CCS) designed to help you in your path for success.  The RSCs are available in Brady Hall, Osborn Hall and The Village.  Additionally, the CCSs are available in the Student Engagement Center, room 100 of the Cisler Center.

Upcoming Events




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Laker Success


Im a junior in the nursing program. and am extremely lucky to be a first-gen student here. Lake State has been extremely helpful in helping me find the funds to be able to attend each semester as well as helping to give me the tools I need to navigate not only the university but FAFSA and student loans.

Anagh Lampman

Hello, My name is John Plotzke. I am an LSSU Alumni (class of 13). I graduated from LSSU with a Bachelors in FireScience and an Associates in Homeland Security.
A little about myself, I grew up in Detroit where my parents raised my younger sister and me. we were, at the time, a working-class family. We never had a lot and struggled to get by most of the time. I grew up seeing the hard work my parents put in every day and grew to admire it. no matter what came their way ( Layoffs, unexpected bills, or car troubles)my parents always pulled through. I was always told, “you can be whatever you want to be as long as you put in the work.”I could have gone to a trade school and gotten a job that way but I strived to be better than anyone else in our family coming from a family with no college graduates, I made the decision to Attend LSSU to obtain my B.A. in fire science. I would achieve two goals, be the first with a college degree, and obtain the education to get the dream of my life.

Upon graduation, I held numerous jobs that all had a background in my degree choice. I installed and repaired fire-suppression systems, was a fire marshal for Chrysler Group LLC which involved industrial firefighting, was an EMT-Basic for a private ambulance company running 911 Advanced life support calls in numerous cities, and now have my “DreamJob” as a full-time IAFF firefighter with the Chesterfield Twp Fire Department. My degree helped me get this position and be able to spend more time at home with my wife of 4.5 years and two sons (19 months and 1 month) and our dog.

I am beyond thankful for the opportunity to attend Lake Superior State University. I will forever be proud to be the first in my family to graduate college and will instill the same beliefs in my children that my parents instilled in me.

John Plotzke

LSSU has helped me become career-ready by making me feel welcome and letting it be known that no question is a stupid question. The staff/faculty always make me feel welcome and point me in the right direction. I know I can accomplish my hopes and goals here at LSSU

Lauren Bonds

I am a first-generation student, not just at LSSU but in my family to go to college. LSSU has been helping me become career-ready with all the help from the teachers and advisors who care about the student and the grades they get. I am not just another student to pass through the class. The teachers take the time to make sure I understand and even try and remember my name.

Breanna Aten

I am super excited to be a part of Lake Superior State University. Being here has definitely made me be a lot more successful and be more confident in my future studies. I am glad I chose to go to college especially here at Lake State.

Hannah Cole

LSSU has helped me on my path towards success by allowing me to see what classes are like and what the future can hold for my career.

Dalton Edmonds

I come from a very hardworking family, as both of my parents received their associate’s degrees from North Central Michigan College. They always showed me what hard work meant, as my mom is a nurse, and my dad was in the Navy and worked for the United States Postal Service. Because of them, I valued my education even more and continued to push myself within my educational pathway, while overcoming many personal and health-related obstacles. I have stage 3A melanoma skin cancer and have
recently been diagnosed with CCS. Through this all, I never once gave up, as my education and the right to have one was my driving force, a strong value that was instilled within my core, thanks to my parents and passion to learn. I am proud to say that I am in my senior year at LSSU, and will be graduating this spring with a concentration in ECE, and behavioral health. I am a proud first-generation Laker, and I am grateful to be able to attend this amazing school!

A very proud Laker!

Jamie McWatters

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