Math Placement Testing

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Are you interested in improving your math course placement?

ALEKS PPL may be for you.

The staff and faculty at LSSU want you to be successful during your time here. ALEKS PPL is an online math course and placement exam that can help ensure you have been placed in the correct course level. If you took your SAT during your junior year of high school, your score may not reflect your current ability. ALEKS PPL offers you the chance to improve your course placement and brush up on the skills needed to succeed.

How does ALEKS PPL work?

ALEKS PPL starts at home- you can register from your personal computer and begin work immediately.

Once registered you receive access to five tests and learning modules. The tests can be used at home for practice or can be proctored in a testing center so the score can be used for official placement. After each test attempt you receive immediate feedback with your score and course placement. ALEKS PPL will then generate learning modules based on your performance. Completing these modules not only unlocks the next test, it allows you to strengthen essential skills before your first day in class!

Testing appointments are available on campus at LSSU and at testing centers throughout Michigan, Wisconsin, and Ontario. If we don’t have a testing partner where you live, we can help you find one!

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Things to know

  • Using the ALEKS PPL program prior to orientation can determine the correct math course placement before you need to register for classes.
  • ALEKS PPL can be used to strengthen your math skills even if you are happy with your placement.
  • Starting in a math course you aren’t prepared for can prevent you from being successful, impact your financial aid, and add time until degree completion.
  • The cost of ALEKS PPL is just $20!
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