Math Placement Testing at LSSU

LSSU uses ALEKS PPL (Placement, Preparation, and Learning) for all math placement testing. ALEKS PPL uses online placement tests to help accurately place students in the appropriate math course based on their current skill level. ALEKS PPL then gives students access to individualized Prep and Learning Modules to allow them to work on improving their math skills and course placement.

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Getting Started with ALEKS PPL

Everything you need to get started with ALEKS PPL Math Placement Testing is available here. Please follow the appropriate link below to navigate to our “Guide to ALEKS PPL at LSSU.” This guide will give you an overview of how ALEKS PPL works, step by step registration instructions, and explain how to use online proctoring with Respondus Monitor.

Everything you need can be found at the links above. If you do still have questions, please email for assistance.

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