Welcome to MiWaterNet

What is MiWaterNet?

MiWaterNet is a citizen science water monitoring network that aims to create freshwater stewards through river monitoring.

Our program will be working with the Hiawatha National Forest to:

  • Gain information about the current hydrological and water quality conditions in the forest waters
  • Detect changes in hydrology and water quality in response to climate change, management practices and development in the forest
  • Connect high school and university students to scientific concepts in river ecology, build their watershed awareness and increase their appreciation for water resources

This project is funded by the US Forest Service Citizen Science Competitive Funding Program. Of 62 applications for funding, CFRE was one of 11 chosen for the award.

Local CTE students, like those pictured here, will gain excellent hands-on experience through the MiWaterNet program.

Project Outline

  • Identify priority water sensor locations within the Hiawatha National Forest
  • Design and deploy EnviroDIY sensors to collect real-time data on river hydrology and water quality
  • Calibrate and analyze data from sites
  • Engage CTE students and FSC members throughout the entire process

EnviroDIY sensors (pictured here) are affordable sensors that can be coded and assembled by citizen scientists.


  • Micah Ruber, Forest Biologist, Hiawatha National Forest
  • Jim Ozenberger, Forest Hydrologist, Hiawatha National Forest
  • Lucas Langstaff, Forest Aquatic Ecologist, Hiawatha National Forest
  • Jon Reattoir, Fisheries Technician, Hiawatha National Forest
  • Dr. Ashley Moerke, CFRE Director and Professor, Lake Superior State University
  • Scott McLeod, CTE Instructor/Outreach and Education Specialist, Center for Freshwater Research and Education

Citizen Scientists

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This project is a collaboration between the US Forest Service and Lake Superior State University’s Center for Freshwater Research and Education.

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