LSSU CFRE researchers, in collaboration with other universities and state, tribal, and federal agencies from the U.S. and Canada, conduct research to better understand and manage aquatic ecosystems within the Great Lakes region. LSSU students gain experience in numerous biological fields, including fish culture, aquatic ecology, fisheries management, molecular biology, analytical chemistry, and environmental science. Our work is often presented at professional conferences and published in peer-reviewed, scientific journals.  Examples of CFRE projects include:

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Time Stamps for Presentations

2:45 – Derek Hartline, “Relationship between water level and fish assemblages in St. Marys River coastal wetlands”

25:56 – David Hopps, “Designing a place-based lesson plan for the Center for Freshwater Research and Education”

48:13 – Daniel Blair, “Predicting European Frog-bit (Hydrocharis morsus-ranae) phenology using degree days”

1:12:12 – Dylan Loop, “Coastal wetland nursery habitat for young-of-year fishes in the St. Marys River”

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