Early Childhood Education (Birth-Kindergarten)

Early Childhood Education programs are often a child’s first educational experience (ages 0-5), providing an opportunity to set a child’s life-long learning patterns in a positive direction.

Education Program Meeting

Infants and Toddlers

Teachers of infants enjoy watching the daily discoveries of young babies as they move toward toddlerhood. Toddler teachers provide two- and three-year-old children with the skills for school readiness while establishing foundational skills in language, math, science, and reading.


Preschool teachers design developmentally-appropriate environments and provide support and guidance for young children as they prepare for the formal learning environments of elementary school. Great preschool teachers gravitate toward teaching the academics through exploration, which is sometimes messy, sometimes loud, but always serious fun.

Hands-On Learning in Real Life Environments

Our Early Childhood classroom is not defined by desks in rows, chalk boards, and a lecture. At Lake State, you will be engaged in active, real life learning.  Lake State students are immersed in real learning environments where they will gain valuable field experience. Click on this link to read about our students gaining real life experience in this article posted in the Soo Evening News on October 1, 2017.  Superior Start: The School Readiness Center earns a 5-Star rating from Michigan’s Great Start to Quality

Career Choices

  • Preschool Teacher
  • Preschool or Center Director
  • Lead Teacher
  • Assistant Teacher

Early Childhood (Birth-Kindergarten) Program Options

Associate Degree In Early Childhood

Before enrolling in any program you may want to know what the degree means for employment. An associate degree in Early Childhood (Birth-Kindergarten) Education provides you with a credential to become a lead teacher in an infant-toddler or preschool childcare setting, an assistant teacher in Head Start, Great Start Readiness Preschool or a paraprofessional in elementary school. In the State of Michigan, Early Childhood (Birth-Kindergarten) associate degree holders are qualified to open a child care business or hold a director position in a private childcare business. Most students earn an associate degree in two years.

Review the courses you will take to earn an associate degree in Early Childhood (Birth-Kindergarten) Education:

Early Childhood (Birth-Kindergarten) Education

“The hands on field experience, small class sizes, and passion for teaching seen in the professors prepared me and gave me confidence as I began my own journey as a teacher. No matter where my career takes me, I will always have LSSU to thank for getting me started.”

Cassie Brege2017 Outstanding Early Childhood Educator of the Year. (Pictured with Arya and Ivan at Superior Start)

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