Elementary Education (Pre-Kindergarten-3) and (3-6)

Have you thought about pursuing a degree in education? You may be on your way to becoming a teacher if:

  • You want to make a difference for future generations.
  • You have energy and excitement for children.
  • You value the importance of education.
  • Fond memories of past teachers inspired you to do your best.

Become an elementary teacher and make a difference in the lives of future generations.  There is an atmosphere of enthusiasm among children when a good teacher captures their interest and engages them in learning.  You could be that special teacher who makes a difference.

At Lake Superior State University, you will learn to ignite children’s learning by specializing in a variety of concentrations through our program.

Cassie Brege 2017 Outstanding Early Childhood Education Graduate

Elementary Education (Pre-Kindergarten-3) and (3-6) Program Options

Elementary Education (Pre-Kindergarten-3) and (3-6)

English Teaching, Elementary Language Arts

Mathematics, Elementary Teaching

Elementary Education - Special Education

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