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We ask for your support to continue the CFRE tradition of fostering excellence in education, science, and community service.

Click the Support CFRE button below to donate. Please specify that the gift is for the Center for Freshwater Research and Education.

Choose Where and How to Donate

  • Endowed Positions

    Funds generated by endowed positions help advance instructional programs, develop new research ideas, fund students’ work, and make innovative advances in their own portfolios of scholarly work.

  • The Training Fund and Undergraduate Research

    Supporting CFRE’s training fund and undergraduate research helps in developing training programs and providing educational opportunities for university students and employees.

  • Estate Planning

    Donating to Lake Superior State University’s CFRE helps give back to the next generation of Lakers. Your generous donation will go towards new or existing scholarships, help fund new programs or support existing classes, and can create/fund research opportunities for future students.

  • CFRE Building Projects

    Although construction of CFRE is complete, the naming rights to some of our spaces is not. Be the first to donate and earn the naming rights to one of our offices, suites, or labs. Donations will support research projects, undergraduate opportunities, and training funds.

  • What Projects Is CFRE Working On?

    • Boathouse Workshop – This building will serve as storage for our boats, kayaks, excess of equipment, and other items used for research purposes.
    • Hatchery – Our fish hatchery has released over 1 million Atlantic salmon since it’s inception in 1978. With age comes wear and tear and we hope to give our hatchery the much needed renovations it deserves.


Who can I contact to learn more about donating?

Please contact LSSU’s foundation using the following information:

Phone: 906-635-2665
Fax: 906-365-2856

Will CFRE be doing another "fund-a-fish" campaign?

Unfortunately, CFRE will not be offering another “fund-a-fish” campaign. However, we do have plans to create another fundraising campaign, so stay tuned!

What rooms are available for naming rights?

The Discovery Lab – The gift level is $500,000

I don’t have much to give; are there any other ways to support CFRE and its mission?

Absolutely! Visit us at CFRE’s Great Lakes Discovery Center where you can donate using cash or a card to our donation kiosk. You can also support us by purchasing CFRE merchandise, which is also available at the Great Lakes Discovery Center and online.

Likes, comments, and shares on social media help us spread our message of Great Lakes literacy, too!

Where We Are Today

The new $13.2 million CFRE building, officially opened in December 2021, stands out as a significant attraction on the St. Marys River. The facility is fulfilling its core mission of conducting public outreach, housing a K-12 discovery room, providing office space for university researchers and partners, and furnishing research labs that are geared toward fish culture and management, emerging contaminants, and invasive species.