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Student Housing Application (2019-2020 COMING SOON)

2018-2019 applications can be obtained by contacting our office at 906-635-2411 or

To live on campus, fill out and sign an application for University housing and dining services. An assignment will be made after the first room and board payment is received. Meal plans are selected on the Residence Hall/Dining Services Contract. Signed contracts are required before moving into the unit. If you are under 18, a parent’s signature is required. Housing contracts are for a full academic year or the balance of the year if a student moves in at a time other than the start of school. The Director of Campus Life and Housing can make arrangements for a partial year contract.

Other Applications

Living Learning Application
Housing Exception Application
Summer Housing Application

LSSU Summer Student Rates

$91 per week ($13 per day) for a double occupancy.  $182 per week for a private room.  $38 environmental fee (not prorated) (replaces coin-op).


Residence Hall Applications and Contracts may be canceled before June 1st without penalty. Applications are automatically canceled on June 1st if the first room and board payment have not been received by the University. If you cancel your application after June 1st for fall semester or after December 10 for the spring semester, and before checking into residence halls, there will be a $100 charge.

If you cancel your housing contract after moving in, you will be charged an early termination fee of $750. You can cut this fee to $500 by giving two weeks’ (charge weeks) cancellation notice and by checking out properly with Campus Life. Anyone leaving the residence halls within the last two weeks of a semester will pay for the remainder of the semester.

There are three exceptions to this policy. These apply to students who are withdrawing from school (except for disciplinary reasons), graduating, or for students who are exempted by the Associate Director of Campus Life and Housing for financial or medical reasons.


If you need to withdraw from school for any reason, be sure to complete the checkout procedure and check with the Registrar’s Office for the procedure for dropping classes. Campus Life handles all withdrawals from University housing.

Early Move-In Information

Residence halls officially open Monday, August 20, 2018, at 8:30 am for incoming students. with lunch being the first official meal served that day.  Those who have conflicts or are coming from a distance may request to move-in early.  Please email for more information.  Returning student move-in date is Thursday, August 23, 2018, beginning at 8:30 am.

Students who are taking part in some athletic teams approved academic needs, move in crew and the Leadership Summit program will not be charged for early move-in. Athletes should check with their coach for more information. Academic advisors will need to contact the Campus Life and Housing Office to provide confirmation for the students needing to return early. Those assisting with the move-in crew must also check in at the welcome tent on move-in day. All others may be subject to a $25 per night charge.


"Navigator" Housing Handbook
Fire Safety Handbook (pdf)
Student Handbook (pdf)

To request special accommodations, in addition to filling out the housing application, it is required that you register with the LSSU Office of Accessibility Services. The coordinator of the Accessibility Services will verify your disability and advise housing staff of appropriate accommodation. Housing staff will facilitate the housing accommodation based on application date and availability. Questions about accessible student housing may be directed to Sharmay Wood, Associate Director of Campus Life and Housing.